Ita Marama

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Ita Marama
Named afterEdwin Ita and Kaha Marama
Motto'Financial excellence'
Formation1961; 63 years ago (1961)
961 AU
FounderEdwin Ita
Kaha Marama
TypeProfessional services network
Legal statusLimited liability company (holding company)
Incorporated partnership (member offices)
HeadquartersTokapa, The Oan Isles
  • Worldwide
OriginsThe Oan Isles
ServicesAssurance and auditing
Legal advisory
Data analysis and business reporting
Official language
Several, mostly Staynish
Chief Auditor
Ana Ita
25 billion KRB

Īta Marama is one of the largest professional services networks on Urth. It is a network of auditing and accounting firms, with each member being independent. The main office, located in Tokapa (the capital city of The Oan Isles), coordinates its operations. Ana Īta is the Chief Auditor.

Corporate structure

Īta Marama is a professional service network. It is a network of accounting and auditing firms. They share a common brand and standards that is owned and are set, respectively, by the network. The network does not provide any services. It provided for cooperation, communication, coordination and commonality of its member firms. The main office located in Tokapa forms the physical extension of the network.

In most countries, offices are incorporated as partnerships of accountants, attorneys and auditors. At the top, the Chief Auditor, Ana Ita, is practically the CEO. The Board of Directors oversees the work of Ita Marama in Tokapa. The General Assembly consists of all the member firms and has decision-making power over issues which affect the entire network. The members earn salaries and all the income generated is distributed globally to the partners.


This theory was espoused by Kaha Marama. He believed that in order for accounting and auditing firms to stand they had to be united, to cooperate and have access to each other's expertise. This process, he claimed, could only be addressed by establishing professional service networks. He further said that this principle should extend beyond merely the law and accounting firms, but in all industries. This revolutionary thought was first articulated in his book Network Workings in 1961.

Together with Edwin Īta they founded the firm in 1964 and used various associations of Oan accounting firms to proliferate this idea and build the connections that would eventually form the multibillion dollar professional service network that exists today. The context of the proliferation of this idea was set against the backdrop of the domination of big companies owned by various families that excluded large parts of the population from the economic processes of the nation.

The government of Tivot under Governor Eliri Drzevili asked Ita Marama to advise them on economic and tax policy following independence from Salovia in 1975. Edwin Ita and Kaha Marama Co-headed the project and laid the groundwork for the creation of a base erosion and profit shifting corporate tax tool that came to be known as the Tivot Sandwich. As the firm responsible for the most sophisticated tax avoidance structure in the world, Ita Marama came to be known as the foremost tax advisory firm on Urth.

The company is notorious for leveraging the Tivot Sandwich to help its clients avoid taxation in their home jurisdictions. Currently known clients of Ita Marama that make use of the Tivot Sandwich are Metatron Corporation and Café Pay. As these tax avoidance schemes have come into the public domain due to leaks from other law and accounting firms, the ethics of these tax avoidance schemes has come into question. In turn, Ita Marama has face criticism for enabling and abetting the offshoring of funds and intellectual property. Although substantial debate remains on the route policymakers will take to address concerns raised by their constituents, Ita Marama remains a highly favoured tax advisory firm for many corporations and high net worth individuals.

Today, some of the firms major clients include the Auroran Stock Exchange.


The firms providing the following services:

  • Auditing and assurance
  • Accountancy
  • Legal advisory
  • Data analysis and business reporting
  • Tax advisory
  • Business transformation and consultancy

List of Offices

City Country
Tokapa The Oan Isles
Anapa The Oan Isles
Noapa The Oan Isles
Marakatepa Kohatu Isles
Sani Bursil Staynes
Rouanezkador Kaltariezh
Kirdintayos Valeria
Efraford Lokania
Loeizaporzh Jusdelva
Ewising Joralesia
Port Kirthgard Balidar
Luthernburg Kuthernburg
Winterview Latianburg
Pollok Nacata
Lostwich Atiland
St.Delanor Yor Isles
Valmaë Kasmiyland
Friborg Crania
Burdels Lessau
Tarov Tivot
Aura Emberwood Coast
Faramount Free Pax States
Shagonar Tuvaltastan
McLendal Furnifold
Imperium Drakaland
Wulesburg Sarentria
Bluckingham Phoenixia
Wermont Hill Phoenixia
Bana Federation of Bana
Asilica City Asilica
Varenica Varentine League
Arsal Peragen
Privetia Taurilien New Leganes
Leidenstad Cryria
Lindesgaard Cryria
Talvere Cryria
Ellesborg Union of Free Cities
Amrakh Gazarv Älemsi Negdel
Marago Serramal


Ita Marama offers vacation work for students at universities to provide them with real world experience. It also has a graduate program. It's programs pay well, attract highly skilled candidates and are open to candidates from around the world.

Ita Marama Summer Internship (Vacation Work) Pamphlet published for Shiro Academy students at Tilden