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Vendaz plc
TypePublic limited company
IndustrySteel mining
Founded6 January 1993 (Redrugus)
FounderGhen Hill
HeadquartersTower Ruz, Rouanezkador
Key people
Verlhanz Petrikon (Chairman)
Johnald Hardeen (CEO)
Steel products
Vanadium Slag
Iron ore
RevenueIncrease ♅8.6 billion (2015)
Increase ♅1.25 billion (2015)
Increase ♅383 million (2015)
OwnerJeremy Hill (41%)
Number of employees
105,669 (2016)

Vendaz plc is a multinational vertically integrated steel making and mining company headquartered in Rouanezkador, Great Morstaybishlia. It has operations mainly in Joralesia and Lokania, but also in Fortuna, Staynes, Valeria, Kaltariezh, Jusdelva, the Ethalns and the Oan Isles. The company employs about 105,700 people.


The company was founded as a small metal trading business in 1993 with their headquarters located in Redrugus for just over a decade until it relocated to Rouanezkador in late 2003.


Vendaz is a vertically integrated holding with high self-sufficiency in iron ore and excess coking coal production, which enables the company to be one of the largest participants on the domestic coking coal market through its affiliates. Vendaz also controls some metal trading and logistic assets. The business structure is as follows:


  • Mickedon Iron and Steel Plant - in Mickedon, Joralesia; major steel producer.
  • Jalidaz Iron and Steel Plant - in Jalidaz, Joralesia; major steel producer; leading in railway steel.
  • Fedon Iron and Steel Plant - in Fedon, Lokania; biggest steel producer.


  • Evrazruda mining and enrichment facilities in the Oan Isles
  • In the Oan Isles: Kakapo Mine, Aorakau Mine, Maui Mine, Tokamoana Mine, Weka and Papa Plants
  • Kistel Mining and Processing Enterprise - Sypheron - Pit mining in Jusdelva


  • coking coal mining with four mines and two open pits in Baronburg, Fortuna. Verdaz owns 82% of the shares whilst 18% goes to Fortuna.
  • coking coal mining with 8 mines and 5 open pits in Burghun, Lokania. Vendaz owns 81% of the shares whilst 19% goes to Lokania.