Order of the Blue Macaw

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Most Serene Order of the Blue Macaw
Awarded by Emperor of Polynesia
TypeDynastic order
Established1560; 464 years ago (1560)
CountryThe Oan Isles
Royal houseHouse of Ahua
SeatPalace of Putangitangi, Tokapa, The Oan Isles
Motto"Noho mo ake tonu atu" (OAN)
"Remain, eternally"
CriteriaAt His Serene Majesty's Pleasure
StatusCurrently Constituted
  • Commander
  • Knight/Dame
  • Officer
  • Member
  • COBM
  • KOBM
  • OOBM
  • MOBM
Next (higher)None
Next (lower)Order of Rangitake
EquivalentMilitary Order of the Whale

The Order of the Blue Macaw is one of the highest orders of chivalry in the Oan Isles. It is bestowed by the Sovereign of the Order, that being the Emperor of Polynesia, on civilians whose contributions in art, literature, science, technology, commerce and other fields have made substantial contributions to the development and prosperity of the Oan Isles.


The Order includes the award of a medal with the Face of Ahua the Great on the reverse side (the symbol of the Ahua clan and the Oan Isles more broadly that is used on emblems and coats of arms) and a Spix Macaw in flight on the obverse side. The medal is made of pure gold and the ribbon features repeating traditional geometric patterns representing air and flight. It also includes a nurwhal tusk and blue Opal hair pin and a mantle made of moa bird feathers.


All the ranks of the order are gender neutral in the Oan language. The award features the following ranks (translations into the Oan language are included in brackets:

  • Sovereign of the Order (Rangatiratanga) - only the head of state can hold this rank, which is technically not a part of this order, currently His Serene Majesty, Oahoanu.
  • Commander (Rangatira) which uses the post nominal COBM is usually only awarded to foreign heads of state and government, and royalty as a gift to represent positive relations.
  • Knight (Toa) which uses the KOBM post nominal is the highest civilian rank. Former Prime Minister and current President of the Auroran Monetary Fund, Locklyn Le Roy and Cafe Net founder and billionaire Etuariti Takatunuye are notable holders of this rank. They grant the bearer the right to use a postnominal marking their rank. They also use the honorific Toa which roughly translates to Sir for men and Dame for women, but originates from the Oan word for Hero.
  • Officer (Apiha) allows the holder the use of the of the OOBM post nominal.
  • Member (Mema) allows the holder the use of the MOBM post nominal.