KAE Systems plc

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kAE Systems
Traded AsKGB: KA. TTNB 200 Component
Native namekAE Systems
TypePublic limited company
IndustryAerospace, Arms industry, Information security, Shipyard
FoundedAugust 7th 1983
Founder(s)John Hecksbor
HeadquartersLuthernburg, Luthernburg
Number of locations36
Area servedWorldwide
ProductsCivil and military aerospace,

Defence electronics,

Civil and military Naval vessels,


Land warfare systems,
ServicesMaintenance, consultancy, training etc.
Revenue51.11 billion
Total assets96.21 billion
SubsidiarieskAE Systems Inc.

kAE Systems Latianburg

kAE Systems Applied Intelligence

kAE Systems Land & Armaments

kAS Aerospace

kAS Land & Armaments

kAS Shipyard

kAE-Oan Shipyard

kAE Furnifold Flight Works

kAE Major General Industries

kAE Unmasked Technologies

kAE Systems plc is a Kuthern multinational defence, security, and aerospace company. Its headquarters are in Luthernburg in the UKK and it has operations worldwide. Its largest operations are in KOK and Kasmiyland, where its kAE Systems Inc. subsidiary is one of the six largest suppliers to the UKK Department of Defense. Other major markets include Latianburg, Stratarin and Yor. kAE Systems is the successor to various aircraft, shipbuilding, armoured vehicle, armaments and defence electronics companies. kAE Systems is involved in several major defence projects, including the F-36B, the Hurricane, the Alutian-Clas and the Sertobia Class aircraft carriers. kAE Systems is listed on the Kuthern Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the TTNB 200 Component.

Current Military Aircraft For Sale

Name Type Quantity Origin Photo Notes
SA-25MK LeapFrog Close Air Support 1,240 Kuthernburg Unit Cost: SHD$11 million
GR-26 Lighting Interceptor 310 Kuthernburg Unit Cost:SHD$14 million
AC-135 Ground-attack aircraft and close air support gunship 90 Kuthernburg Unit Cost:

AC-135H: SHD$132.4 million AC-135U: SHD$253 million

NB-14 Strategic stealth bomber 40 Latianburg Unit Cost:

SHD$737 million

KAS AH-94 Attack helicopter 3,200 Kasmiyland File:AH-94E.jpg Unit Cost:

AH-94A: SHD$20M AH-94D: SHD$65M AH-94E: SHD$35.5M

EC-135 Electronic warfare (EW), Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses (SEAD), offensive counter-information 140 Kuthernburg Unit Cost:

EC-135H: SHD$165 million EC-135J: SHD$110 million EC-135SJ: SHD$85 million

KAS 98C/D multirole fighter aircraft 650 Kasmiyland File:KAS-98.jpg Unit Cost: SHD$ 30–60 million for kAS 98C
Hurricane Multirole fighter 1,300 Kuthernburg Unit Cost:

SHD$90 million (system cost Kranche 4A) SHD$125m (including development + production costs)

KAS 98E/F multirole fighter aircraft 30 Kasmiyland File:KAS 98F.jpg Unit Cost : SHD$132 Million
F-19 Advanced Eagle Multirole fighter 1,230 Kuthernburg,Latianburg Unit Cost: SHD$70.5 million
KUH-63 Utility Helicopter 320 Kuthernburg File:KUH-63.JPG Unit Cost: SHD$26.2 million
KP-10 Maritime patrol aircraft kAE – 650,

kAS – 107,

Kuthernburg Unit Cost: SHD$36 million
C-135 Military transport aircraft 3,200 Kuthernburg Unit Cost:

C-135E SHD$11.9 million C-135H SHD$30.1 million

C-190 Transport aircraft 430 Kuthernburg Unit Cost: $8.3 Million
Kah-67 Attack helicopter 530 Kuthernburg Unit Cost: SHD$27 million

SHD$31 million (new built)

Kaab SH-62 Stealth Medium-lift utility helicopter 42 Kasmiyland File:Sh-62.jpg Unit Cost: SHD$ 820 Million
KC-135 Tanker (aircraft) / Transport, Overwatch / Ground support 320 Kuthernburg Unit Cost:

$37 million (KC-130T) $71.07 million SHD (KC-130J)

Current Civilian Aircraft For Sale

Name Type Quantity Origin Photo Notes
kAE 848-8 Wide-body jet airliner 310 Kuthernburg File:848-8.jpg Unit Cost:

848-8F(Freight): SHD$387.5 million

848-8I: SHD$386.6 million

kAE 848-4 Wide-body jet airliner 490 Kuthernburg File:848-4.jpg Unit Cost:

848-400/-400ER: SHD$234–266.5 million

848-400F/-400ERF(Freight): SHD$238–268 million

kAE 848-LCF Outsize cargo freight aircraft 62 Nacata File:848-LCF.jpg Unit Cost: SHD$356.22M
kAE 999-2 Wide-body jet airliner 637 Latianburg File:999-1.jpg Unit Cost:

999-2: SHD$224.6 million

999-4: SHD$264.6 million

999-6: SHD$306.1 million

kAE 747-2 Narrow-body jet airliner 760 Latianburg File:747-2.jpg Unit Cost: SHD$22 million
kAE 800-4 Regional jet 397 Lessau File:800-4.jpg Unit Cost: SHD$53.5M
BJ Special aerobatic sportsplane 2,130 Crania File:BJ Special.jpg Unit Cost: SHD$678,000
K-800 Civil utility aircraft 210 Kuthernburg Unit Cost: SHD$773,000
kAE JayStarr Supersonic transport 76 Kasmiyland File:JayStarr.jpg Unit Cost: SHD$26.3M
kAE UH-44 Utility helicopter 54 Atiland File:UH-44.jpg SHD$6.2 Million
TTR 84 Regional airliner Subrovania File:TTR-84.jpg SHD$26.1 Million


Current Military Vessels For Sale

Name Type Ships displacement Notes
Aircraft Carriers
Queen Naomi Class Landing Helicopter DockSki Jump Aircraft Carrier 30,235 tons
Sertobia Class Aircraft Carrier 81,101 long tons
Mischief Class Light Aircraft Carrier 19,890 tons
Mchenery Class Light Aircraft Carrier 22,000 tonnes
Aletia Class Attack submarine 2,455 tonnes
Belshak-Class Attack submarine 3,100 tonnes
Belarus CLass Ballistic missile submarine 14,335 tonne
Litop Class Guided Missile Destroyers 8 Ships 9,800 tons
Gerald H Henry Class Air Warfare Destroyers 8 Ships 7,000 tonnes
Chilago class Guided Missile Frigate 3 Ships 4,100 tons
Berlly Class Frigate 9 Ships 3,200 tonnes
Berrington Class Frigate 8 Ships 1,930 tons
Memorial Class Frigate 6 Ships 5,400 tons
The Kingston Class Offshore Patrol Vessel 22 Ships 450 tonnes

Current Civlian Vessels For Sale

Name Type Quantity Origin Photo Notes
Duhova Class Suction Dredging 530 Kuthernburg File:Duhova Class.jpg Unit Cost: SHD$1.4 million
Challenger Class Suction Dredging 20 Kuthernburg File:Challenger Class.jpg Unit Cost:SHD$58 million
HellRaiser Class Trailing Suction Hopper Dredger 46 Kuthernburg File:Hellraiser Class.jpg Unit Cost: SHD$65.4 million
Hudini Class Double-ended ferries 65 Latianburg File:Houdini Class.jpg Unit Cost: SHD$32 million
Valmaere Class Fast RoPax ferry 23 Kasmiyland File:Valmaere Class.jpg Unit Cost: SHD$82M
Hopsmith Class Train Ferry 8 Kuthernburg File:Hopsmith Class.jpg Unit Cost: SHD$92M
Berry Class Medium Size Freighter 25 Kuthernburg File:Berry Class.jpg Unit Cost: SHD$22M( Saltwater Freighter)

SHD$33M (FreshWater Freighter)

Lambertus Class LNG carrier 12 Crania File:Lambertus Class.jpg Unit Cost: SHD$120M
Bismark Class Heavy Cargo 6 Latianburg File:Bismark Class.jpg Unit Cost: SHD78.4M
Britannica Class Heavy Cargo 11 Latianburg File:Britannica Class.jpeg Unit Cost: SHD$120M