Nimona Poole

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Nimona Sarah Poole
Nimona Poole
Nimona Poole in 2016
Nathan Eric Poole

March 27, 1985
Aura, Emberwood Coast
DisappearedOctober 29, 2019
Lsamua, Lapimuhyo
CitizenshipEmberwood Coast
EducationMBA, BS in Mechanical Engineering
Alma materHoward Archer University
OccupationPresident, Emberwood Coast
Term2012 to Present
PredecessorDarson Nanokono
Political partyEgalitarian Emberwood
MovementPublic Service Expansion
Opponent(s)Sen. Harriet Young
SpouseCoraline Poole
Parent(s)Raiye Poole, Andromeda Poole
AwardsHonor Roll, HAU Class of 2010

Early Life

Born Nathan Eric Poole, Nimona was born at West-End University Hospital. She grew up in a coastal neighborhood of Aura, frequenting pawn shops and second-hand stores for electrical components, which she used to create machines in her small room within her family's apartment. She was the youngest of three children born to her two mothers.

Teen Years

At age 14, Nimona began her gender transition, said to have a style described by friends as "messy mechanic chic". It was around this time she began to develop interest in computers, spurred by the up-and-coming internet. Her mother Raiye passed away when Nimona was 24, nearly derailing the future president's academic career. Only meeting Coraline Poole in June of that year pushed Nimona to continue towards her Master's degree.


She ran for a seat in Plenum hall in 2006, pushing for expansion of free services (like public transportation and schools). She won, and spent the next year moving the Federal Nationalization Act through the hall, eventually having it passed after winning reelection in 2007. She did not run for a third term, and returned to home life, working as a technology specialist at the Home Base shelter, a safehouse for displaced LGBT+ children. In 2011, she started gearing up for a third campaign for office, this time for the Presidency.

Presidential Term

Nimona and her wife are inseparable, despite the rigors of the presidential office

Nimona Poole won the highest office on her original platform of free-service expansion, going on to pass two more bills leading to free public transit in major urban centers, as well as free post-secondary school for lower-income families. She led the rollout of the Valiant-class orbiter fleet (orchestrated by her predecessor), attending the commission ceremony of the USV Fox at Stonewall Point in 2013.

Her trip to Arcturia in 2017 nearly led to her death when she was shot by a terrorist during a speech. Critics and opposition leaders continue to point to this as reason to step down, citing leaked therapy details that label both her and her wife as suffering from PTSD. The medical files are to this date, unverified.

She won reelection in 2018 on a much different platform: peace and diplomatic intervention against armed conflict. The years leading up to the 2018 election were fraught with skirmishes and conflicts, leading to war weariness in the already pacifistic nation. The combat was not without consequence for her, however, and she nearly lost to a longtime seeker of the office, Capitol Hall Majority Leader Harriet Young. A surge in nationalistic tension and isolationist rhetoric helped propel Young to a strong 42% in the polls by election day. Domestic turmoil surrounded her opponent, who continues to push legislation and make calls for minimal foreign contact and unilateral military solutions to protect the country.

Following a coup attempt by an external corporation and aided by Young's nationalist caucus, Poole was abducted and taken to a blacksite, where she was presumed killed. Her remains were never recovered, and a small memorial was built in Veridian Park, in Aura.