Lady Aroha

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Serene Consort of Polynesia
PredecessorEleanor Ahua
BornAroha Putea
November 14, 1980; 43 years ago (1980-11-14)
SpouseEmperor Oahoanu of Polynesia
Monogram of Serene Consort Aroha

Lady Aroha Ahua (née Putea) is the Serene Consort of the Oan Isles. She is the wife of Emperor Oahoanu of Polynesia and head of OANAID.


Lady Aroha was a journalist for the Critic, a newspaper from Maungapa and she wrote for Oan News. She previously worked for publications in Noapa and Anapa. She was well-known for her explanatory analysis, for instance she wrote an article questioning the Protection of Cultural Communities Act which was supported by Maui Uye-Ahua, Prime Minister of the Oan Isles and Leader of the Konoa. People's Party. She also reported on financial reforms initiated by former Minister of Finance, Liam Pahorahua.


Lady Aroha hosted a women's empowerment conference in Jewelica, Kohatu Isles, in 2017 as part of the integration of the Kohatu Isles into the Oan Isles following the Kohatu War.

She currently serves as the head of OANAID, the national foreign aid organization of the Oan Isles. Under her leadership the organization has offered assistance to Joralesia following the 2021 Joralesian attacks

OANAID has also offered assistance to country's affected by Cyclone Mable. During her tenure, OANAID raised millions of kiribs for a Furnifoldian organization.


Clockwise: Old Gods of Vanaheim performing at the Palms Dome Stadium in Tokapa as part of the main concert, elephant parade on the streets of Tokapa, bioluminescent larvae lighting up the ceiling of the Marama Caves, and fireworks at the Tokapa Harbour where a floating party was held for dignitaries.

Emperor Oahoanu married Aroha Putea in December 2017. Emperor Ehe and Lady Eleanor, parents to Oahoanu, did not want him to marry Aroha because she was a journalist and from a medium-rank family and they preferred that he marry a foreign princess instead. Because at that point, he was the head of state and head of the Royal family, his parents were forced to abide by his decision as monarch.

According to lifestyle magazines, this is one of the biggest weddings in the world. Despite the high cost, it was considered a diplomatic triumph. The guest list featured heads of state and heads of government such as High King Lambertus VII, Queen Rosetta, Crown Princess Rosamund and other princesses of Great Morstaybishlia, ruler of Codex and head of the Codexian Catholic Church Pope Ciaran, Ecumenical Patriarkh of Misto Doshchi Daylo II, King Lewis Schnidly of Assowolf, Queen Naomi of Kuthernburg, Foreign Secretary Jackson Woolf and Magistrate Jacopo d'Arrigo of Furnifold, Maya Jaxacyl of the Atlae Isles, Lady Al'Ameth of Verdrassil, Kaiser Jon and Prince Hjalmar of Asendavia, Grand Duke Jeymian III and Grand Duchess Moria Drachenburg of Dragonia, Ikrisia Levinile Premier of Vekaiyu, Isklero IV, Bishop of Eldura, amomg many VIPs. This was one of the largest gathering of powerful people in the world in 2017. This includes his parents, former Emperor Ehe and Serene Consort Eleanor of Staynes.

Invitation to the Wedding of Oahoanu and Aroha

Prior to the wedding the Ahua clan paid a dowry for Lady Aroha to her clan, the Putea clan. The dowry payment and was in kind and cash. The wedding featured a massive concert at the Palms Dome Stadium in Tokapa with the most famous stars in the world: rock band Old Gods of Vanaheim of Dragonia, hip-hop artist Kodak Orange of Kuthernburg. Tens of thousand of people attended this concert. There was a wedding reception on barges in the Marama Caves which are some of the largest caves in the world and they are illuminated by billions of bioluminescent insect larvae. The service was an interreligious service and some of the powerful and important religious figures in the world spoke at the event. Then there was a parade where the dignitaries travelled on elephants. Another dinner party followed with many barges on the sea off the coast of the city of Tokapa. Costs for the wedding range in the hundreds of millions of kiribs. Some of the costs were recouped from the income from the Palms Dome Concert, media licenses, media royalties and tourist income.