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Kingdom of Atlalandr

Flag of Atlalandr
Flag of Atlalandr
Motto: Det kommer en bedre dag imorgan (There is coming a better day tomorow)
Anthem: For Konge og Familie (For King and Family)
Largest cityMidtårne
Official languagesAtlalandian Norgsveltian
Recognised regional languagesUlvrikian
Ethnic groups
68% Human
14% Elves
11% Kemonomimi
7% Tieflings
Governmentparliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
• King
Ragnar V
Nikkolas Bjarnvikdal
• Formation of the Kingdom
• Jarl rebellion
• Constitutional Monarchy established
5th September 1893
• Violet Restoration War
• 2025 estimate
Increase 52,778,184
• 2020 census
Increase 51,010,719
GDP (nominal)2022 estimate
• Total
$1,2 trillion
• Per capita
CurrencyUnited Krone (UKR)
Date formatMM/DD/YYYY
Driving sideright
ISO 3166 codeCRA

West Atlalandr, officially known as the Kingdom of Atlalandr, is a nation on Northern Concord. It borders the North Concordian Sea to the north, Norgsveldet to the West, Kaldrbuth to the south and East Atlalandr to the east.

Today, Atlalandr is a constitutional monarchy led by King Ragnar V since his coronation in 2010. It is a founding member of the Union of Commonwealth Alliances and the North Concordian Economic Forum.

Atlalandr is a highly developed country, and advanced economy which is significantly dependent on investments and imports from it's larger neighbor Norgsveldet. Its economy being well integrated with Norgsveldet's and Kaldrbuth's as the result of the NCEF economic integration projects.


The name Atlalandr has it's orgin with the formation of the kingdom, which was formed after several Jarls swore fielty to the High Gothir Atla I to unite the country. After the unification Atla I was chosen by a Council of Jarls naming her monarch, and renaming the land after her.



Ulvrikian Empire

The Ulvrikian Empire was an ancient empire that once encompassed Northern Concord, much of which in the territories of modern-day Norgsveldet, Atlalandr and Kaldrbuth, centered around the port city of Ulvik.

Kingdom Declared

Atlaandian Golden Age

Great Jarl rebellion

Atlaandian decline, Norgsveltian rise

Constitutional Monarchy established

Great War

Concordian Cold War, Einarism on the rise

Violet Restoration War

Divided Atlalandr





Atlalandr is a developed nation and is considered a high income nation with a GDP per capita of 22,529 SHD. Though it is economically much poorer compared to its fellow NCEF members of Kaldrbuth and Norgsveldet.

The nation follows a similar economic model of Norgsveldet and is closely integrated with the Norgsveltian economy. With joint companies between the two being a crucial part of its economic output. Mainly involving the large mining industry which has become crucial for luxury industries among NCEF nations, especially Vakrestrender.

Atlalandr also has sizable service and transport industries which are closely integrated with the industries of its southern and western neighbors. Most famous one being a joint airlane company between the three called Ulvrikian Airlines. Similar companies have been made such as Ulvrikian Rails, Ulvrik Seaways and Ragnarock Armory. With the last one being a large jointly owned arms factory between the three nations whose headquarters is in Osfjord.

Its main exports being mainly diamond, gold, silver and copper playing an important role for the Norgsveltian economy and manufacturing. With its main trading partner and investor being Norgsveldet. Which has been seen having an overly dominating influence on the country’s economy heavily thanks to the nation’s membership in the NCEF and their history during the Concordian Cold War.



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