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Concordant Realm of Atlae

Flag of Atlae
Flag of Atlae
Motto: With the wind comes the future
Location of Atlae (dark green)
Location of Atlae (dark green)
and largest city
Official languagesCodexian
Recognised regional languagesStaynish
Ethnic groups
92% Human
5% Elves
2% Vulpines
1% Nekos
Governmentparliamentary Constitutional Monarchy
• King
Calvin the I
Niccolaes Milea
LegislatureThe Longhouse Parliament
• Formation of the Concordant Realm
• Total
988,205.1864 km2 (381,548.1556 sq mi) (23rd)
• 2025 estimate
Increase 84,778,184
• 2020 census
Increase 82,747,719
• Density
84/km2 (217.6/sq mi)
GDP (nominal)2020 estimate
• Total
• Per capita
CurrencyUnited Krone (UKR)
Date formatMM/DD/YYYY
Driving sideleft
ISO 3166 codeCRA

Atlae, officially known as the Concordant Realm of Atlae, is a nation on Northern Concord. Covering an area of 988,205 square kilometres (381,548 sq mi), It borders the North Concordian Sea to the north, Norgsveldet to the east, Teskyla to the south, and South Hills to the west.

Various nomadic tribes have inhabited Atlae since antiquity, possibly coming from the east from what is now South Hills or south from what is now Teskyla. By the 10th century, certain tribes had become territories which would fight for control in the dominion of Atlaesia, which by 1199 had formed into the Concordant Realm when Stefan I was coronated in what is now Atlaerskoiy.

Today, Atlae is a constitutional monarchy led by King Calvin the I since his coronation in 1992. It is a member state of the Union of Commonwealth Alliances and the North Concordian Economic Forum.

Atlae is a developed country, and is a large agricultural exporter. Its largest industrial area is Sacae, the biggest city in the Greater Aurelian Valley Metro Area, the largest urban area.


The general consensus among etymologists until the 20th century is that "Atlae" comes from the Atlaei tribe that inhabited the Northern Concordian Steppe in modern-day Atlae. However, recent archaeological findings show that the word Atlae predates that of the Atlaei tribe, thus concluding that Atlaei means "People of Atlae."



The first humans arrived in Northern Concord thousands of years ago and lived a primitive, hunter-gatherer lifestyle for quite some time.

Ulvikrik Empire

The Ulvikrik Empire was an ancient empire that once encompassed Northern Concord, much of which in the territories of modern-day Norgsveldet and Atlae, centered around the port city of Ulvik (now present-day Ukonvasara).


After the fall of the Ulvikrik Empire, various nomadic tribes roamed the Northern Concordian Steppe.

Concordant Realm

In 1199, many tribes, among them the Atlaei and the Kutolah, met near the Lakes of Atlaerskoiy six moons after the Valentian Revelations in the Convention of the Blue Sea Moon. That meeting is considered by modern historians to be the founding of Atlae, and is celebrated every year as the Formation Day (formerly the Mid-Summer Festival) on July 1. At the Convention, the Charter of Adrestia was signed, forming the "Concordant Realm" and coronating King Seth I of the Atlaei, a tribal chief.







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