Naomi Truden II

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Naomi II
Name Naomi II
Full name Naomi Truden II
Predecessor Naomi Truden
Reign 18 December 1981 – Present
Coronation January 3rd 1982
Successors Aderyn Truden
House House Of Victoria
Father Prince Neuvlk
Mother Naomi Truden
Born August 6th 1964
Tokapa, Oan Isles
Religion Church of Kuthernburg

Queen Naomi II of Kuthernburg ( born Naomi Truden II on August 6th 1974) is the daughter of Queen Naomi and mother of the heir apparent to the throne, Crown Princess Aderyn.

Childhood and parentage

Naomi Truden II was born in La Rochelle, on 6 August 1964, the only daughter of the late Quenn Naomi and Prince Neuvlk. Her father was Spaindard and her mother was Kuthern.

She has two older brothers: Prince Cadwallen Mathias Truden and Ergyriad Truden. They and their families were guests at the 2010 20th birthday of Aderyn, Crown Princess of Kuthernburg. Her third brother, Ioan Truden, died in 2006.


Before her marriage to the Duke of Nacata, Naomi Truden worked at the Kuthern Consulate in Sani Bursill, was an educational host during the 1990 Summer Olympics, and served as the Deputy Head of Protocol for the Winter Games.She briefly worked as a flight attendant but was always heavily guarded which made it a bit weird.

A trained interpreter, Kuthern is actually her sixth language. She speaks her native Spandard, her mother's language of Telsh, as well as Staynish, Oan, and Codexian. She has some fluency in Kuthern Sign Language, a national sign language used by the deaf community in Kuthernburg.

Marriage and family

During the 1984 Summer Olympics, Naomi met Duke Kyffin Lanman . In a later interview, the Queen explained how it just "clicked" when they met.

He and Naomi announced their engagement on 12 March 1985 and were married three months later, on 19 June in Kuthern Cathedral in Luthernburg. It was the first marriage of a reigning Kuthern monarch since 1797. If she had married Lanman during the reign of her grandfather, King Urslek Nofton, she would have lost her position as heir-apparent to the Kuthern throne. This was due to the inflexibility of her grandfather, who believed that royalty must marry royalty.

In 2001 Lanman was driving through a town in Atiland were he was helping with reconstruction volunteer work, when he was ambushed by a group of thugs and murder. Later that day Kuthernburg Declared war on the terrorist in atiland.

The Prince and Queen of Kuthernburg have five children and six grandchildren.

Crown Princess Aderyn Truden, Duchess of Latianburg (born 14 July 1984).

Prince Cadwallen Mathias Truden, Duke of Altaesia (born 13 May 1989). He is married to Maeryn Rease, and they have two sons:

Prince Alexander, Duke of Spandard (born 19 April 2010)

Prince Gabriel, Duke of Atiland (born 31 August 2014)

Princess Ebrill Edris Truden, Duchess of Carvania and Nacata, (born 10 June 1992). She is married to Aneurin Harry, and they have 2 daughters and a son:

Princess Siany Prothero Truden, Duchess of New Kuthernburg (born 20 February 2014)

Prince Nicolas, Duke of DragLoania (born 15 June 2015)

Princess Griselda Truden (Born 11 November 2017)

Princess Olwina Truden, Duchess of East Atiland (born 12 July 1999)

Prince Facundo Cicerón Truden, Dutch of South Atiland (Born 15 November 19 1994)