The Lion of Taren Incident

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Lion of Taren Incident
Part of the Annexation of Izria
Location of the Lion of Taren oil rig
Near Sanara Is, Undirnor Island Chain, Kyrloth (formerly Izria)

65°19′2″N 2°25′57″E / 65.31722°N 2.43250°E / 65.31722; 2.43250
DateNovember 7, 2019 (2019-11-07)
5:34 pm KST
Executed byArtun Sotarikos
OutcomeDestruction of Lion of Taren oil rig and MBS Dovia
SH$20 billion paid in reparations by Kyrlot government
Casualties 191 sailors
2 Kyrlot workers
2 Morstaybishlian workers
1 Norgsveltian worker
Artun Sotarikos killed

The Lion of Taren Incident was a maritime dispute of interest and later crisis between Kyrloth and Great Morstaybishlia over the Lion of Taren oil rig off the coast of the Undirnor and Slodhir Islands. After Kyrloth annexed Izria the Kyrlot government asserted control over Embask company property, headquartered in Morstaybishlia which had operations in Izria; by sending a task force led by Artun Sotarikos assuming de facto control of the Lion of Taren oil rig. This move forced the Morstaybishlian Prime Minister Franklin Barvata to retaliate by sending its destroyer MBS Dovia and three corvettes from the Morstaybishlian Rotantic Territories.

In a meeting intended to de-escalate the maritime dispute between the Morstaybishlian, Norgsveltian, Kyrlot and Kuthern leaders, General Sotarikos blew up the oil rig and sunk the Morstaybishlian destroyer which was nearby. The outcome of this meeting saw the Kyrlot Government pay a sum of 20 billion Kiribs (5% of their GDP) for the oil rigs and compensation to the workers and the dead workers' families.