2019 Kireitan Provisional Election

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2019 Kireitan provisional election
← 2016 (KTR) 29 June 2019 2021 (WBF) →

72 new seats to the House of Debate (in addition to 144 already present)
109 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party
Leader Gen. Artun Sotarikos Isara Aomera
Party Provisional Soldiers' Guild Provisional Socialist Party
Leader since 26 May 2019 12 June 2019
Seats won 34 25
Popular vote 1,708,204 1,268,557
Percentage 46.9% 34.8%

  Third party Fourth party
Leader Asanorre Laiuteras Aruketa Paruna
Party Provisional Board Provisional Council
Leader since 30 May 2019 2 June 2019
Seats won 7 6
Popular vote 350,844 315,365
Percentage 9.6% 8.7%

Kirrhion before election

Sinter Tass
Soldiers' Guild

Elected Kirrhion

Sinter Tass
Soldiers' Guild

The 2019 Kireitan Provisional Election was held in the Kireitan Autonomous Provinces of Kyrloth on Saturday 29 June 2019, just over a month after the Kyrlot-Kireitan War and subsequent annexation of the People's Republic of Kireitarenu'a on 25 May 2019, to elect an additional 72 members to the House of Debate. Turnout was officially recorded as 81.1%, however many independent estimates place the true value at approximately 20%.

Under Kyrlot law, which was recently amended by the Soldiers' Guild, "Provisional" political parties - parties that compete in elections that take place in conquered territory up to six months after the war in which they were conquered - do not take their seats until the prime minister declares that the region is fully integrated into the country. When a political party takes their seats, they are allocated according to the party list. For example, if a party has won thirty seats, the first thirty names on the list become members of parliament. Provisional parties must have their party list approved by the prime minister, giving them de facto control over those seats.

Provisional Parties

25 6 7 34
P.Soc P.CoS P.RCB P.Guild

Total for the House of Debate

34 26 11 25 6 7 34 73
(de facto Soldiers' Guild) 72
Socialist CoS RCB Provisional Parties Soldiers' Guild