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Jarldom of Lapliszna

Flag of Lapliszna
Motto: Bundet av blod och enhet
Bound by Blood and Unity
and largest city
Official languagesBlaskovian & Nys'tat'en
Ethnic groups
  • 80% Nystapi
  • 12% Blåskogar
  • 8% Nystatinne
GovernmentDe jure Constitutional Monarchy; De facto Absolutist Monarchy
• Jarlynja
Esta the Protector
• Prime Minister
Jonas Liljeström
• Estimate
GDP (nominal)2022 estimate
• Total
• Per capita

Lapliszna, officially the Jarldom of Lapliszna is a small country located on the northern eastern part of Borea. It's borders Syrtænzna, Blaskog and Kæra'zna. It's a developing country with a incredibly mixed result for standards of living and a struggling social welfare program. Standards for living and social welfare for government employees heavily differ from non-government employees. Concerns have been raised about the employment practices employed by the government with some civil rights organizations stating it heavily favors the elven minority. The government has countered these claims stating they hire who is best for the job regardless of species, releasing a barge of reports showing they have a significant Nekomimi and Tielfing employment into the government. The government issued a statement that they're making attempts to further Nystapi employment by the government and creating several educational programs to assist with the objective. The economy is sizeable for an eastern Borean country with GDP measuring 67,000,000,000 UKR, primary exporting coal and rare earth minerals to Blaskog it's primary trade partner. Militarily speaking, the country roughly spends 8% of it's GDP, government citing the alleged large National Republicanists terrorist organization operating with in the country with ties to Hirdist ideology. The National Republicanist group has committed several mass shootings and bombings within the country, which the Esta the Protector heavily publicized on her various social media platforms.



Nystapi peoples splintered off of from the Nystets long ago, favoring a more nomadic lifestyle compared to their more farming cultural kin. This isn't to say didn't created permanent structures having created thousands of Akuan shrines along the northern coasts reaching modern day Izria and as far as modern day Blaskog eastern coast lines. The shrines acting both as a rest stop for traveling bands of Nystapi and as a place of worship. The differences in shrines between the native Nystets and Nystapi being small but easily recognizable for devoted Akuanists. Nystapi traveled along side the roaming bands of reindeers before they domesticated them, following closely behind the herds of reindeer and mapping out many of the watering holes they later developed into Vatnavættir shrines.

Later when they domesticated the reindeer, the bond of Nystapi and nature grew to be a part of their culture. Reindeer became as much as part of the community as any Nystapi, as well a symbol of pride and respect for the roaming bands. Having a large herd being seen more prestige, as they could afford a greater population and a greater care for their people. As with each reindeer it could feed more families, more clothing and more devices.

Zreiu'a Colonization

As the Zrei became to colonize and invade the western shores of Borea, the Nystapi found the land which they once roamed to be fenced off and the people unwelcomed. Being forced off their grazing lands infavor of more protective cattle brought by the Zrei. In some cases they was driven off by force and their shrines they kept guard over for thousands of years burned to the ground. Council was held by all bands on the matter of Zrei, which came to the agreement, they will only resist their attempts if they pushed further into Borea. Fearing they wouldn't win a war against a technology better foe.

Ulvrikian Colonization

Ulvrikian colonization came from the East and in a matter much like the Zrei. Quickly pushing Nystapi out of their land and brutalizing the population that refused to leave. Another council was held, and they decided to sit back and keep to the central grazing lands near to their cultural cousins.

Founding of the First Federation

The nomadic people held another council, in light of their lands being encroached and their shrines burned. They came to the decision to collect together the bands and attempt to hold their own against the colonizing forces. The republic was violently ended by Blaskog invasion in 1900s.



The economy of Lapliszna is primary based in it's mineral exports to Blaskog. Primary exporting coal, copper, silver and gold at a heavily reduced market price.

Agriculture in Lapliszna is focused on cash crops, growing cherry trees, strawberries and blueberries. Reindeer ranching has been a growing part of the country economy, as the fur and meat trade has became increasingly commercialized.