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The Territories of Gusanaszna Export Corporation

Flag of Gusanaszna
Motto: Peace through Bliss
Location of Gusanaszna
and largest city
Official languagesNys'tat'en & Vaaron
GovernmentCorporatocracy / Cartal State
• Chairperson
Kenddary Varinheart
LegislatureThe Corporate Board
• Zreiru'a collapse
• Estimate
GDP (PPP)2021 estimate
• Total
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Per capita
very high
very high
CurrencyGusanaszna Corporate Script
Time zone+2
Mains electricitySolar, Geothermal
Calling code806
ISO 3166 codeGUS

Gusanaszna is a country in eastern Borea, bordering Rusanru'a and Nystatiszna. It was first settled by Z'rei elven immigrants from Zreiru'a, Early 17th, primarily for the purposes of establishing lumber mills, paper mills and in the late 1800s early 1900s chemical research labs. During the period between 1900-1939, massive waves of refuges fled into the country from Nystatiszna to escape the troubles going on in the country. From it's inception as an independent country it been having poor relations with Nystatiszna until in 1965 where the newly formed Republic officially recognized it.


Gusanaszna was founded by the Borea Trading Company establishing company towns to harvest lumber and paper mill towns. Being one of the few elements of BTC that was always profitable, the corporation invested heavily into it. Eventually establishing it’s headquarter in Korrtisport and the creation of a university. The company towns were also developed further to include railway stations to keep the timber and ores flowing into Korrtisport.

After the liquidation of BTC in the 1900s, the region was sold to one of the former board of directors Astra Varinheart. Who promptly established the Gusanaszna Exports Corporation to rule over the area. She used her personal wealth fund experiments with medical and chemistry technology. The experiments later proved to be extremely fruitful and established the Pharmaceutical wing of Gusanaszna Exports which rapidly became the most profitable part of the company. Additionally she established a universal basic wage and healthcare plans for all working and non-working employees.

After the death of Astra in 2002, she left her shares of the company to her only child Kenddary. Who re-shift the focus of the country to a more narcotic end. Focusing the company to produce more morphine, oxycontin and other highly addictive drugs. In 2018 he officially separated the branches of the pharmaceutical wings into two.


The CEO of the company is the de facto head of state and owns the 51% share in the company. The Corporate Board has little say and acts littles more than a rubber stamp for the CEO orders. However traditionally the CEO allows the Corporate Board to run it's own meetings and pass laws over governing the public.


The country’s economy is extremely strong and stable, with a large manufacturing base and advanced population. Lumber, was the original resource extracted when the region was first settled by the Borea Trading Company; later it rapidly adapted to chemical and pharmaceutical based industry.


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