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2020 Aduraszna Presidential Election

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2020 Aduraszna Presidential Election
← 2015 15 August 2020 2025 →
Turnout73.8% (Decrease 5.3%)
Nominee Nakhas Tsirun
Lóruszan Fvarus Rankarus Eszeran
Party Movement for
Ecological Action

(rec. AK/ER)
Solidarity ReNDaF
1st preference 3,984,301 (36.46%) 2,814,832 (25.76%) 3,091,204 (28.28%)
4th round 4,324,164 (39.82%) 3,270,551 (30.12%) 3,263,516 (30.06%)
Final count 5,376,387 (62.07%) 3,285,282 (37.93%) Eliminated

Nominee Kairus Oterszan Rai Xhelus Craig Vari'un
Party Attention! Independent Meaningful Change
1st preference 537,471 (4.92%) 358,193 (3.28%) 143,185 (1.31%)
4th round Eliminated Eliminated Eliminated
Final count

(President) before election

Nakhas Tsirun
Movement for Ecological Action

Elected Tsálun

Nakhas Tsirun
Movement for Ecological Action

The 2020 Aduraszna presidential election took place on Saturday, 15 August 2020, between 6.00 a.m. and 10.00 p.m. The incumbent, Nakhas Tsirun of Movement for Ecological Action, supported by AK/ER's recommendation, won a second term in office, challenged by Rankarus Eszeran, a candidate from the moderate ko'Valkrei faction of ReNDaF, and Lóruszan Fvalus, from the left-wing trade unionist party Solidarity.

The post of president has few constitutional powers - they are allowed to veto laws as long as they have not achieved an absolute majority (of all MPs, not just the ones present at the time of voting) in the Aszar Chamber of Representatives, and are not the Budget. This power has rarely been used, and as such this election was widely seen as a referendum on public approval of prime minister Harun Lunsdzhura's handling of affairs following his rise to the post with the 2018 ReNDaF Leadership Spill.

This election was notable for the failure of the ReNDaF candidate to make it through to the final round of two-party preference votes for the first time since 1965, despite being the largest party in the country. This has been explained by various Aszar political commentators as being due to a combination of a relatively uncharismatic ReNDaF nominee, general dissatisfaction with Harun Lunsdzhura's premiership, and the large numbers of traditionally ReNDaF voters satisfied with Tsirun's first term in the presidency, and as such, opting to preference him first.