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Embask plc
TypePublic limited company
Founded24 February 1866 as Embask Oil Refineries
FounderIldut Nasserethe
Number of locations
Two Headquarters:

Jersia City, Staynes, Great Morstaybishlia

Toka (La Rochelle), The Oan Isles
Area served
Key people
ProductsPetroleum, natural gas, LNG, lubricants, petrochemicals, renewable energy
OwnerKiril Nasserethe
Number of employees
DivisionsEmbask Fuel

Embask plc or commonly known as Embask, is a Morstaybishlian oil and gas company headquartered in Jersia City, Staynes.

Embask is vertically integrated and is active in every area of the oil and gas industry, including exploration and production, refining, transport, distribution and marketing, petrochemicals, power generation and trading. It also has renewable energy activities, including in biofuels, wind, energy-kite systems and hydrogen.

Embask’s main operations are in Staynes and Valeria. It has other operations in Axdel, Drakaland, Caltharus, Sarentria and Joralesia. It has large operations and rights to oil in the waters below Neptentia Islands, Detention Islands and the Indigo Islands. In 2018 it discovered an extension to an oil field first discovered by the Oan Isles in the Caven Sea.

In 2019, Embask had a share price of ♅79.14, with 8.87 million total shares. It's market cap is ♅702.5 million whilst its total assets are ♅1.04 trillion, making it the second largest company in Aurora behind Primrose Inc..