The Opposition

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The Opposition

LeaderGull Hughny,
Keras Qirat,
Njiera Utla,
Runner is'Vaara
(since 1 September 2019)
FounderRunner is'Vaara
Founded1 September 2019 (2019-09-01)
Political positionBig tent
ColoursGrey, Black
Member partiesSocialists
Council of Scientists
Resource Control Board
Black Flag
Seats in the House of Debate
193 / 288

The Opposition is a coalition of the Socialist Party, Council of Scientists, Resource Control Board, and Black Flag, which formed on 1 September 2019 following the failed attempt to arrest Socialist leader Gull Hughny, to concentrate and coordinate efforts against Sinter Tass's premiership which they view as illegitimate, fascist, and very similar to Elwin Arachne's authoritarian regime Zreiru'a, which was toppled in 1918 by a militant group of the same name. At time of formation, they represented 46% of the popular vote of the 2019 general election, and held 71 seats in the Kyrlot House of Debate.

The coalition unsuccessfully fielded a candidate for the 2019 speaker election, but following the Victory Square Protest, they participated as their constituent parties in the 2021 West Borean General Election and won a combined two-thirds supermajority of seats in the reformed West Borean House of Debate and represent 64% of the popular vote.

As a governing coalition, The Opposition's implemented policies have been largely limited to reversing laws and constitutional amendments made by Tass during his premiership. Broader economic reforms have generally been postponed until after the next election or shelved entirely due to the lack of an ideological majority in parliament: the Socialists, Council and Elerist Popular Front combined fall three seats short of the 145-seat threshold.