Driving of the Kemonomimi

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Driving of the Kemonomimi
Part of Kæra Genocides
Stone burial markers used for filled burial pits in Southwestern Kæra'zna, recorded as from the late 19th century
Date4 April 1873 - 11 September 1876

Decisive Kæra victory

  • Disarmament of Asly'lo Militants
  • Massacre or forced expulsion of the Kemonomimi population


  • National Collective Forces
  • Sanitation Militias
Kæra Asly'lo
Ny'Sænuri volunteers
Commanders and leaders
Otkyn Zhøzna'sa
Aznnylf Zhøzna'sa
Udlak Øfesak'fla
Zhy'ætsza Øpylf'fa
Ek'alry Øpylf'fla
Usoka-Øzhylf  Executed Nyts'ekul-Zhø'zyke †
Ny'tsæ-Øpazn †
46,000 soldiers and armed police
2,700 enlisted volunteers
13,900 Asly'lo (including non-combatants)
5,000 Ny'Sænuri
Casualties and losses
3,468 killed[a], ~800 wounded 6,000-12,000 expulsed or killed
7,814 additional Kemonomimi recorded as expulsed by Collective Security Forces

The Driving of the Kemonomimi (Kæzhyn: Uþda'ze Asly'lo) was a period of conflict between the Kæra Collective Republic and the Kemonomimi minority in Kæra'zna, following the introduction of a policy of expulsion or execution of the species by the Cult of Absolute Purity who presided over the nation. The period lasted from the policy's enactment on 4 April 1873 until the complete removal of Kemonomimi from the country.

While significantly less brutal than the later genocides in Kæra'zna, the conflict brought about the extinction of the Asly'lo ethnic group, with a majority of those expulsed dying shortly after or being absorbed into Kemonomimi societies abroad. Due to this erradication of a group, as well as estimated death tolls exceeding 6,200 Asly'lo, the event has been classified by international histories as an example of a completed genocide.


  1. Includes a number of targeted attacks against Kæra civilians connected to or involved in the state eugenics program