Cult of Absolute Purity

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Cult of Absolute Purity
LeaderLa'ulf Tsøka'fla
Founded1862; 162 years ago (1862)
Preceded byAz'ra Society
Cult Nihilists (Øfesak members)
IdeologyFanatical eugenicism
Az'ra supremacy
Cult nihilism
Political positionFar right
Colours  Red
Steering Committee
6 / 44
Higher Directorate
1 / 11

The Cult of Absolute Purity, often referred to as simply Purity, is a political faction within Kæra'zna, currently the third-largest within the country, with 6 appointed members of the Steering Committee and a member - La'ulf Tsøka'fla - within the Higher Directorate, the only currently former Øfesak serving in the Upper House. Unlike the Fundamental and Rational factions, Purity arose not from the movement of Ritual nihilism itself, but instead from the followers of Economist and Theorist Kel'næ, who had previously formed the Az'ra Society to advocate for the increasing of coherence and value of Kæra Society through Eugenics.

As the faction which first advocated and implemented the Kæra Eugenics System, they advocate for the continuation and extension of such, creating a society with as close to a perfectly-adapted populous as feasible via means of both eugenics and genetic modification. While the original purpose within the Eugenics of Kel'næ was intertwined with his Genetic Advancement Theory, Purity rejects this aspect of his work with the adoption of a combination of Existential Nihilism and Cosmic Aestheticism advocated by the Ritual Nihilists, and especially by their more radical Cult Nihilist faction. Instead, Purity advocates Eugenics for the sake of Eugenics, with Founder Zho'ze stating,

The beauty of the Universe is not in its fairness, but in the brutality in which it allows the survival of only those who can adapt to it. The concept of the State must be reformed to reject the notion of fraternity or shared burdens, so that it may take upon the mantle of selection which nature has failed to uphold alone.


While Purity is generally disliked amongst the elite of Kæra'zna due to the faction's radical zealotry that many reject as inherently opposed to Ritual nihilism, the group has large popular support amongst the extremist-inclined Øfesak Class, who are indoctrinated into supporting the system of Eugenics as part of their education. Purity is also known to have inroads with the middle-class Øpylf, whose occupations relating to Propaganda and Socialization of the Masses inclines them towards the more radical, alternative ideologies within the Kæra State, such as Purity and Perpetual.