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Qalbtajja (Vorpestian)
Grand Dominion of Vorpest
Flag of Vorpest
"Accepteer het water, maar verdraag geen vloed" (Vistarian)
(Codexian: "Accept the water, but abide no flood")
Anthem: "Zoon van de Zeeën"
("Son of the Seas")
Sovereign state Vistaraland
Eyjarian possession1143
Vistari colony12 June 1586
Vistari dominion5 May 1872
Norgsveltian occupation1910 to 1926
Accession to the Confederation24 December 2020
and largest city
Sint Arend
Official languages
Ethnic groups
By species:
  • 43.6% Elf
  • 26.7% Human
  • 20.5% Symph
  • 4.1% Kemonomimi
  • 2.9% Tiefling
  • 2.2% Other
By ethnicity:
  • 32.3% Vistarian
  • 28.9% Vorpestian
  • 15.1% Qalbta
  • 11.6% Eyjarian
  • 5.1% Kontinentaler/Zrei
  • 2.8% Noorvic
  • 3.5% Other
Demonym(s)Vorpestian, Vorp
GovernmentDevolved parliamentary legislature within parliamentary constitutional elective monarchy
• Queen
Marium I
• Lord Minister
Reiner Wever (BLP)
• Governor
Adrie Jónsdóttir (BLP)
LegislatureVorpestian Unified Assembly
National representation
• Lord-Advisors
Siert de Witte (BLP)
Clara Valente (OCQ)
24 Representative-Advisors
• Total
881.48 km2 (340.34 sq mi)
• 2022 estimate
• Density
2,132/km2 (5,521.9/sq mi)
GDP (nominal)2022 estimate
• Total
• Per capita
CurrencyVistari Gildemerk, United Krone
Time zoneUTC±0 (Imperial Standard Time)
Driving sideright

Vorpest (Vorpestian: Qalbtajja), formally the Grand Dominion of Vorpest is an island country located in Borea and a part of the Imperial Vistari Confederation. They share close maritime borders with Eyjaria, as well as the West Borean Federation.

Having a land area of only 881.48 square kilometers despite its considerable population, Vorpest is the smallest of the six constituent countries that make up Vistaraland by area. In terms of population, its 1.8 million inhabitants ranks it fifth, ahead of the Vlas Isles, despite holding the rank of most densely populated.

The island of Vorpest, having previously been ruled by a number of native elven civilizations, was conquered in 1143 by the Jarldom of Eyjaria, who would rule over the island for nearly 450 years. During this time, the Jarldom oversaw growing resentment between Eyjarian settlers on the island and the native inhabitants, over issues such as fervent Vorpestian opposition to cultural assimilation and the incompatibility of the Sakimite monotheism of the Vorpestians and the Ulvriktru worshipped by Eyjarians.

Eyjarian rule would end in 1586 by the June Treaty, seeing the island conquered by the emergent Vistari Empire. Following the granting of Dominion status in 1872, Vorpest has been granted limited self-government, with powers to control a majority of its internal affairs without intervention by the Vistari Government. Classified as a country within the Confederation in 2020, Vorpestians have exercised the right to home rule by a representative legislature with the capacity to represent itself in bodies such as the Borea Assembly.