Kæra Occupational Authority

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Kæra Occupational Authority

Flag of Occupied Kæra'zna
Flag of Occupied Kæra'zna (Left) and Zreiru'a (Right)
StatusTerritory under Zreiru'at Military Occupation
Common languagesVaaran, Kæzhyn
GovernmentMilitary government
Historical eraGreat War
• Established
1 June 1916
• Independence Reinstated
13 March 1918
• 1917
CurrencyZreiru'at Karusa
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Kæra Collective Republic
Today part ofKæra'zna

The Kæra Occupational Authority was a Regional Military Administration of Zreiru'a consisting of the lands overtaken by Morstopackian Troops during the 1914-1916 Invasion of Kæra'zna in the later stages of the Great War. Following an Unsubstantiated Declaration of War by the Empire of Zreiru'a against their vassal on the 9th of November 1914, the invading force faced large opposition by the well-armed local population, who had been given training in unconventional guerrilla warfare which allowed Kæra'zna to force an almost two-year campaign of invasion and suppression of the locals before the city of Zhar'osyk was fully occupied on the 24th of May, 1916 as the Kæra Government fled into exile. While it was a well-established plan for the territory to be fully annexed into Zreiru'a proper, the Occupational Authority was established as a provisional administration tasked with overseeing proper integration of the territory as well as clamping down on any resistance. As such, a ban was put on speaking the Kæzhyn Language in any Administrative Context, with the ban escalating to a blanket criminalization of speaking it in public in September 1917, an action which only brought more discontent amongst the population.

The end of the Great War brought some legitimacy to the territory, with no representatives of the Kæra Government-in-Exile permitted at the July 1917 Peace Conference. However, with the exit of foreign troops from Borea, the Occupational Authority struggled to retain order within the territory, with resistance forces defeating the small garrison at Sæ'puk in November 1917, declaring the port for the Exiled Government. As Zreiru'a began to collapse in 1918 with the rise of the Opposition, less and less resources were allocated to the Occupational Authority, with a four month campaign of Liberation seeing the dissolving of the Authority and execution of its leaders and sympathizers in the Great Purification from 1918 to 1921.