Soldiers' Guild

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Soldiers' Guild

Tsrurax is'Njurei
LeaderKeren Atsra
(since 16 October 2022)
FounderKei Tsun Arachne
Founded5 November 1969 (1969-11-05)
Split fromARA-3
Political positionBig tent
Colours    Red and black
Seats in the House of Debate
1 / 288

The Soldiers' Guild (Vaaran: Tsrurax is'Njurei /t͡sɹuɾax isnʲureɪ/) is an Arachnist authoritarian political party in Kyrloth. Formed in 1969 following the failed Arachnist-led First Kyrlot-Kotari War, the Guild has historically supported both Board and Council governments through coalitions. Following the assassination of Hefanira Tara, Guild leader Sinter Tass became the Kirrhion (prime minister), a post which he retains to this day, and led the party to an outright majority in the House of Debate at the 2019.