Third Arachnist Campaign

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Arachnism, named after its leading figure, the former dictator of Zreiru'a, Elwin Arachne, is the name given to a wide variety of different ideologies that revolve around the central idea of a united Borea, typically achieved by force. Although not strictly a necessary part of the ideology, many Arachnist figures and political parties, such as the Soldiers' Guild in Kyrloth and, until recently, Unity in Kireitarenu'a, are also very authoritarian, totalitarian, and militaristic, leading some political commentators to label Arachnism as a fascist ideology.

Following the 2019 Kyrloth General Election, in which the Soldiers' Guild won an absolute majority of seats in the House of Debate, Kirrhion Sinter Tass embarked on two successive wars against Kyrloth's neighbours, Kireitarenu'a and Izria, both of which ended in decisive victory, and annexation. The later Invasion of Kurandia was decisively less successful for Kyrloth, and overall led to a net loss of land with the ceding of Boreyjr Island to Eyjaria, as well as political instability and a general strike that led to the complete collapse of the regime at the Victory Square Protest in 2021. Internationally, Tass's Kyrloth was superseded by the West Borean Federation which, following referenda in Kireita and Izria, controls Kyrloth (redefined to its pre-2019 borders), Kireita and Izria as devolved administrations.

Other Modern Arachnist Conflicts

  • 1992: Izrian-Kireitan Border Skirmish
  • Second Arachnist Campaign: Kotari Invasion of Kyrloth (1963-1969), Kyrlot War of Restitution / Second Kyrlot Patriotic War (1974)
  • 1919: May 1919 Kireitan Coup
  • 1918: Collapse of Zreiru'a
  • First Arachnist Campaign / Borean Front of the Great War (1896-1918)