1999 Kyrloth Speaker Election

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1999 Kyrloth Speaker Election
← 1989 1 October 1999 2009 →
Turnout25.6% (Decrease1.2%)
Nominee Erun Zlovsky Aia Tsirqura
Party Independent Socialist / Black Flag Coalition
Popular vote 623,513 85,796
Percentage 87.9% 12.1%

Speaker of the House before election

Ralph Marzen

Elected Speaker

Erun Zlovsky

The 1999 Kyrloth Speaker Election was held in Kyrloth on Friday 1 October 1999, shortly after the general election in which the Resource Control Board achieved a majority of twenty seats in the House of Debate. The Speaker of the House holds relatively little power outside of whatever they are given by parliament, which is reflected in the generally low turnout for these elections. Erun Zlovsky, albeit having no official party affiliation, was nonetheless endorsed by both the Resource Control Board and Council of Scientists and was generally seen as the establishment candidate.

An alternative candidate, Aia Tsirqura, was put forward by the leaders of the Socialist Party and the Black Flag Alliance, ran on a platform of ending the anti-socialist bias that was allegedly present in the traditional nonpartisan candidates. However, she failed to win popular support and Zlovsky was duly elected as Speaker of the House.