2019 Kyrloth Speaker Election

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2019 Kyrloth Speaker Election
← 2009 1 October 2019
Turnout45.3% (Increase19.7%)
Nominee Heron Tazment Sereia Astur
Party Soldiers' Guild The Opposition
Popular vote 5,002,902 1,931,710
Percentage 72.1% 27.9%

Speaker of the House before election

Erun Zlovsky

Elected Speaker

Heron Tazment
Soldiers' Guild

The 2019 Kyrloth Speaker Election was held in Kyrloth on Tuesday 1 October 2019, in which Heron Tazment, the candidate for the Soldiers' Guild, was elected to serve as the Speaker of the House of Debate, who is in charge of overseeing the day-to-day running of the House of Debate, and has the power to, among other things, delay any legislation that they deem to be unconstitutional for up to one month, in order for an independent committee of specialist lawyers to evaluate its legitimacy. This power was, despite the calls of many members of parliament, never used by the previous Speaker, Erun Zlovsky, during the Tass administration, leading to accusations of corruption and bribery.

The Socialist Party, Council of Scientists and Resource Control Board have formed a temporary electoral alliance known as "The Opposition" - a direct reference to the revolutionary political organization of the same name that overthrew the dictator Elwin Arachne in 1918 - to field the candidate Sereia Astur, a zrei elf journalist and former local councilor for the Centre Alliance.

The election was given little publicity by the state-run media, and many troops from the Kyrlot Armed Forces were seen outside polling stations, leading to international condemnation of the election and allegations of rigging, which the government dismissed as "sour grapes". International observers reported harassment of voters, polling stations that closed without explanation in traditionally Guild-hostile regions, and an estimated turnout of 6%.