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The Commonwealth of Eyjaria

Flag of Eyjaria
Motto: "For Vårt Elskede Fedreland" (For our dear fatherland)
Anthem: "Vårt Lille land" (Our Little country)
Location of Eyjaria
and largest city
Official languagesNorgsveltian, Eyjarian, Ngodian and Staynish
Ethnic groups
(2019 Estimate)
54% Human
30% Elves
9% Tieflings
5% Kemonomimi
2% Other
GovernmentFederal Constitutional Monarchy parliamentary
• King
• Prime Minister
Kjolf Bardsen
• Kingdom of Vistele
• Norgsveltian Migration
• Jarldom of Eyjaria
• Union with Norgsveldet
• Given equal status with Norgsveldet
• Given Independence by Norgsveldet
5th June, 1955
• Total
339,150 km2 (130,950 sq mi)
• 2025 estimate
• 2021 census
• Density
15/km2 (38.8/sq mi)
GDP (nominal)2021 estimate
• Total
$437,549 billion
• Per capita
CurrencyUnited Krone (UKR)
Date formatDD/MM/YYYY
Driving sideright

Eyjaria, formally The Commonwealth of Eyjaria is an island nation in the North Concordian Ocean that's geographically considered apart of Concord. Eyjaria is a federation consisting of three provinces Eyjarheim, Vest Øy and Sørheim. Eyjaria was first fully invaded and annexed by the Ulvrikian Empire 10 AD, with the establishment of the Duchy of Vistsele, the old name of the Eyjaria region given by the empire, for the Duke ruling it. After the Ulvikrik Empire collapsed in the 500s, Eyjaria was then ruled by the House of Hjelvok, turning the Duchy into a kingdom. Starting the Kingdom of Vistele. After a second large migration of Ulvrikians during 900s, to Eyjaria made the kingdom collapse from the political diffrences in the country, on which several Jarls ruled and competed for land. In 1125 Jarls across Eyjaria a weak confederation called the Jarldom of Eyjaria, on which every Jarl would ellect a "High Jarl" to rule the land. Eyjaria got it's independence from Norgsveldet in 5ht of June 1955, while still recognizing the monarch of Norgsveldet as monarch of Eyjaria. Eyjaria is neighbors with Helslandr in the east and South Hills in the south.

Eyjaria is also an member state of UCA and NCEF, since their founding. It's also the wealthiest nation in Vestrava thanks to its trade routes and large oil industry, despite having the smallest population in the region as well.

Etymology and terminology

The first recorded usage of the word Eyjaria was during the first wave of Ulvrikian settlers in Eyjaria during 20 AD, the name coming from the Ulvrikian name Eyjr, meaning island. With Eyjaria meaning land of islands. This name was however only officaly used after the establishment of the Jarldom of Eyjaria.


Ulvrikian Empire and Duchy of Vistele

Kingdom of Vistele, and Second Ulvrikian Migration

Establishment of the Jarldom of Eyjaria

Personal Union with Norgsveldet

The Great War and Crown State Status

Era of hate

Eyjarian Independence, and the Eyjarian Oil Age

Modern Day