2015 Aduraszna Presidential Election

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2015 Aduraszna Presidential Election
← 2010 15 August 2015 2020 →
Turnout79.1% (Increase 1.5%)
Nominee Nakhas Tsirun Szalun Jarusz Sinkeras Rai'urakszeral
Party Movement for
Ecological Action

(rec. AK/ER)
ReNDaF Kietul Njartikt -
Civic Renewal
1st preference 3,003,717 (31.2%) 3,366,168 (34.9%) 1,643,561 (17.1%)
Final count 5,001,312 (53.3%) 4,386,470 (46.7%) Eliminated

Nominee Olkasrul Jenkas Kleras Táril Latun Korriljasran
Party Meaningful Change Independent Independent
1st preference 840,578 (8.7%) 627,541 (6.51%) 158,090 (1.64%)
Final count Eliminated Eliminated Eliminated

(President) before election

Szalun Jarusz

Elected Tsálun

Nakhas Tsirun
Movement for Ecological Action

The 2015 Aduraszna presidential election took place on Saturday, 15 August, between 6.00 a.m. and 10.00 p.m. Tsálun Szalun Jarusz of ReNDaF was seeking a second term in office. However, despite winning the first preference votes, he lost in the final round to the Movement for Ecological Action candidate, Nakhas Tsirun. Tsirun's inauguration took place the following Monday, on the 17th.

Traditionally, despite its prominence, the major left-wing party AK/ER does not field candidates for the presidency, ever since the two catastrophic attempts to replace KN-CR's Tsálun Isztal Ra'ak in 1985 and 1990, which were marred with corruption and even an allegation of attempted murder. As such, the party typically "recommends" one of the other left or centre candidates; 2015's recommendation was for Tsirun.