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Vierism (Also referred to as The Church of Saint Arend, Vierist Ademarism and Vistari Ademarism) is a major branch of the Ademarist Church that exists following the original Vistari interpretations and practices that evolved from the prolonged separation of Asendavia and Vistaraland. Vierism is the largest branch of Ademarism in the lands that made up the Vistari Empire, with major Vierist Populations in northern Vistaraland and the Grand Dominions of Vistaraland, as well as being the state religion of the Western Provinces, as well as one of the three state religions of Vistaraland itself, alongside Oppositionary and Gilatic Ademarism. The head of the Vierist Faith is considered to be the Emperor of the Vistara, regardless if they are Vierist or not. This has caused much controversy, with the likely elected heir to the title being an Oppositionary, though the current head of the Vierist Faith, Marium I, has stated that if her son is to be elected Emperor, he will respect the Vierist traditions of Saint Arend's Church even if he wishes to interpret the God-On-Urth in his own way.