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150px-Hammer necklace.jpg
The main symbol of Ulvriktru
Region(s)World Wide
FounderNori Snorrisons
OriginNorgsveltian paganism
Leaders of Ulvriktru TempleOlav I and High Gothir
Followers~400 million

Ulvriktru is a polytheistic religion practiced predomenitly in Norgsveldet and it's former colonies. While Ulvriktru is a polytheisticc religion there is certain main gods that is mainly prayed to. Though depending on social status certain gods are prayed more to then others. Odin is seen the main god in the Ulvriktru faith also seen as the most powerfull one as well. It is however his son Thor that is most widely prayed to by the average Ulvriktruar, while Odin is prayed to by royalty and leadership figures. The head of the Ulvriktru faith is dependent on the branch, in which certain branches also rejects a central figure of the Ulvriktru faith. In Gustafistim the leading figure of the faith is the Fylkir, which is inheritaged by the monarch of Norgsveldet.

The three major branches of Ulvriktru is, Gustafistism which is mostly practised in Northern Gondwana, Southern Novaris and Western Concord, Gothiricism which is practised mostly in rest of Novaris, and Firartru is mostly practised in Vestrava and Rikevaarland.