Socialist Party (West Borea)

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Socialist Party

LeaderJeren is'Vaara
(since 5 August 2022)
FounderAruts Caszis
Founded19 January 1945 (1945-01-19)
IdeologyDemocratic Socialism
Political positionLeft-wing
Colours  Orange
Seats in the House of Debate
175 / 288

The Socialists (Vaaran: Nutuxoldreita /nutuxoldɹeɪta/), officially the Socialist Party, is a democratic socialist political party in Kyrloth.

Formed in 1945 following nearly two decades of uninterrupted right-wing Kestara and Board government, the Socialists have had two Kirrhions to date: Azrun Eleris (1951-1955) and Craig Marzen (1969). During the first and second wars against the Kotari Empire, the party formed a major part of the Pacifist Alliance. Currently, the Socialists are the main opposition party in the House of Debate, and work under the banner of The Opposition, an electoral alliance which also includes the Council of Scientists and Black Flag.