Auroran Continental Assembly

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The Auroran Continental Assembly

Regional Map
Regional Map
CapitalAura, Weyrcliff, Sani Bursil
Largest citySani Bursil
Official languagesCodexian, Minarin, Unonian, New Axdelian, Staynish (simplified), Old Staynic, Corstanese, Lishboyara, Labian, Jubliakese, Rekliese, Calth, Higher Miyaron, Horkalese, Lower Miyaron, Justelvardic, Amos Noc, Accerus, Atlantean, Frisian, Wachovian, and Kostuvian, Oan (Oalanu)
• 2017 estimate
CurrencyKirib ()
Date formatvaries (MM/DD/YYYY or DD/MM/YYYY)
Driving sidevaries (Left or Right)

The Auroran Continental Assembly was an international entity based on the principle of Unity throughout the continent of Aurora. It was originally headquartered in Aura, the capital city of Emberwood Coast, while the military headquarters could be found in the Embassy Row of Weyrcliff, Dragonia and the Auroran Continental Bank was found in Sani Bursil, UK. The Assembly provided free travel of goods and individuals throughout each member nation.

The ACA would be replaced by its successor, the UNAC.

The Passport for ACA citizens

Rules and Regulations[edit | edit source | hide | hide all]

Diplomatic Recognition[edit | edit source | hide]

Every member nation must recognize all other member nations as an independent, sovereign state.

Exchange of Embassies/Consulates[edit | edit source | hide]

Each member nation must have at least one embassy within each other ACA member.

Trade[edit | edit source | hide]

A basic 1.5% tax is to be implemented on trade among other ACA members.

Visa Programs[edit | edit source | hide]

Visa: Standard 45 days.

Travel: ACA Citizens are allowed to cross ACA borders freely, unless that individual has an invalid password or is a wanted criminal. No entity shall inhibit the free movement of goods and individuals within the Auroran Continental Assembly.

Extradition Treaty: Each individual ACA country has ultimate power over their own borders, be that trade or people. In rare cases, if the said nation has made a decision deemed unfair or an intentional imbalance to the whole system the representatives will be summoned to discuss. If a majority 3/4 of representatives in the Auroran Parliament believe that an act is deemed to unfairly impact the system they can revoke the nations decision through a higher authority.

Pact of Non-Aggression[edit | edit source | hide]

All member nations are to sign the Non-Aggression Pact, ensuring continental peace on Aurora.

Request for Relief/Aid[edit | edit source | hide]

Should an ACA member be in need of relief or aid, the nation inflicted must request said aid, unless communication is impossible, in which case aid will be sent by the bordering nations.

Government of the Auroran Continental Assembly[edit | edit source | hide]

The Auroran Continental Assembly operates with multiple branches, who manage and operate the union politically.

Parliament of Aurora[edit | edit source | hide]

The Parliament of Aurora consists of 750 seats, each nation holding seats representative of their respective populations. So as to appease concerns of smaller-populated nations, the representation of each country has been filtered through into a degressively proportional system, which gives smaller nations power, and also reduces the power of massive nations (e.g. The Staynish-Caltharus Empire).

Executive Office of Aurora[edit | edit source | hide]

The Executive Office of Aurora is made up of representatives from each member nation, one representative for each member.

Judiciary Court of Aurora[edit | edit source | hide]

The judiciary court of Aurora determines whether proposed laws and regulations contradict the ACA Charter or not.

Auroran Budgetary Council[edit | edit source | hide]

The Auroran Budgetary Council was a international governmental body whose duty was to balance the budget of the ACA, help manage the debt of member nations, and organize the budget of the ACA.

Auroran Continental Bank[edit | edit source | hide]

The Auroran Continental Bank, once headquartered in Sani Bursil, is responsible for promoting economic development and creating platforms for investment throughout the continent. It is responsible for issuing the Kirib and regulating monetary policy, with varying degrees of influence depending on whether a member nation is a partial or full user of the Kirib. The Bank itself was reorganized into its own independent organization following the "Auroran Split" during and after the Auroran-Pacific War.

Member Nations[edit | edit source | hide]

Nation Executive Representative(s)
Quartz Fern Coast
Emberwood Coast Caroline Dean
Axdel Polly Newman
Respublika Bielarus
Meow Meow Hiss
Staynes Lambertus VII and/or Walter Johannes
Caltharus Finnur Urquhart
Tivot Ivan Trikolovich
Baykalia Yolana Posol
Kostromastan Robert Orevon
Tuvaltastan Icarus Wazowski
Imperial Fandom Paul Xenia
Blueacia Giovanni Constantine
The Oan Isles Ese Ulua or Locklyn Le Roy