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A Mayor-General (Corric: majór-generál) is the highest-ranked municipal officer in Antoran cities and towns. The title originates from the Thirty Years’ Bloodshed: prominent commoners sympathetic to those who conquered their local area were often appointed as a magistrate or militia leader. Over time, this practice formalized with the Chivalric Order of Málama and their Knight-Mayors. The title of Knight-Mayor, a combination of bailiff, military commander, and magistrate, was widespread in the period after the Thirty Years' Bloodshed and evolved into the Mayor-General. Acting as chief executive officer of the municipality government, a Mayor-General is elected to a four-year term in intervals extending from the date the city or town's Royal Charter was issued. They are responsible for appointing and managing officials to public services and works, acting as the commander-in-chief of the local constabulary, provide an open forum for hearing concerns of constituents, and execute provisions, ordinances, and laws approved by whatever form of municipal legislature they serve alongside. Depending on the historical age and contemporary population of a municipality, the selection process varies from nominating members of the municipal legislature to modern ranked-choice voting on prospective campaigning candidates. All Mayor-Generals hold their positions at the pleasure of the Antoran Monarch. An annual review of all Mayor-Generals is held by the Offices of the Crown and officials may be dismissed by the Monarch if they fail their review through corruption, mismanagement, or failure to accede to constituent concerns. Many Mayor-Generals register with a national political party to receive external funding and assistance for their office and to delineate their political priorities, though it is illegal for these parties to directly contribute monetarily during election season.