Isles of Kanor

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Isles of Kanor

Kanor saared (Rodokan)
Vakani Kanori (Tavari)
The Native Rodokan flag
The Isles of Kanor (dark green) off the southeastern coast of Meagharia.
Largest cityRNB Kanor Minor
Official languagesRodokan
Ethnic groups
Human (Native Rodokan) 79%
Tavari Orc 18%
Other 3%
Demonym(s)Kanorian, Kanorašta
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
• High Chief
Otan IV
• Presiding Chief
Ivi Puna Laar
• Area Chief
Ain Viha Eenpalu
LegislatureKanor Isles Local Council
• Seized from Milofia
1713 CE
• Tribal Administration established
1718 CE
• Rodokan independence
6 June 2022
• Total
8,732 km2 (3,371 sq mi)
• 2021 estimate
CurrencyTavari Našdat (TAN)
Time zoneRodokan Standard Time (UTC -9)
Driving sideright
Calling code+422
Internet TLD.rd

The Isles of Kanor are a pair of islands, known as Kanor Major and Kanor Minor (Rodokan: Suured Kanor and Väike Kanor; Tavari: Avkanor and Takanor), along the southwestern coast of Meagharia that are part of Rodoka and the Isles. Previously, they were overseas dependencies of Tavaris, organized as unprovinced territory administered by the Rodokan Native Tribal Administration until the Rodokans were granted independence as part of the Ranat Accords. Then and now, several Tavari military facilities under the jurisdiction of the Royal Tavari Armed Forces take up significant portions of the islands. Royal Naval Base Kanor Minor is the largest Royal Navy facility in the Tavari Union, and the Rodokan government has pledged to permit the Tavari to remain at the facility for at least 49 years. Outside of military areas, ariculture is the primary sector of the economy, dominated in large part by citrus orchards and, since the RNTA legalized it in 2000, cannabis.

The islands were at the center of a controversy between Tavaris and Meagharia that reached a head in 2021 after the announcement of the Tavari nuclear program. The Meagharian government reached out to enter into talks, which were held under the auspices of the League of Novaris and hosted by Tretrid in the city of Suþrimaburg. Major negotiations were held on February 19th, 2021 - just a day after Tavari Prime Minister Žarís Nevran Alandar had taken office. The agreement reached, referred to as the Kanor Accords, saw both parties agree to routine LN inspection of military facilities, as well as a Tavari pledge not to hold nuclear weapons at RNB Kanor Minor. In addition, the Kanor Accords establish an LN tribunal to prosecute Tavari citizens arrested in Meagharian waters for illegal whaling. The tribunal, which was reported to be the most complicated of the topics discussed at the talks, will feature three judges (one each from Tavaris, Meagharia, and the LN) enforce Meagharian law. Those convicted would be held in a separate facility from the rest of the Meagharian penal system.