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The National Republic of Tiervan

Flag of Tiervan
Motto: United through blood and spirit
Anthem: Ali vallankumous (Ali’s revolution)
and largest city
National languagesTieresh
Ethnic groups
GovernmentUnitary Single Party state
• Supreme President
Twain Aukusti
LegislatureRealm Assembly (Valtakunan kokontumin)
• Independence from Norgsveldet
9th November 1980
• Declaration of One party rule
9th November 2007
• Total
68,600 km2 (26,500 sq mi)
• 2020 census
GDP (nominal)2020 estimate
• Total
$185,88 billion
• Per capita
CurrencyTvier Mark (TM)
Date formatDD/MM/YYYY
Driving sidethe right
Internet TLD.TIE

The National Republic of Tiervan or commonly known as Tiervan is a island nation in the continent of Novaris that shares a border with Dvalheim in the North and Dvergerland in the South. The current population of Tiervan is estimated by the Tieresh government to just be above 11,6 million. With its capital city, Soturikaup, having an estimated 4 million people living theee. Tiervan's total land area is 68.600 sq km² (26.486,6 sq miles). With country being previously part of Norgsveldet until gaining its independence during the Tieresh Independence War. It has an gdp per capita of 16,000 SHD with a total nominal gdp of 185 billion SHD, being the largest economy in Langeyjr. Despite that the country’s economy being heavily stagnated being embargoed and sanctioned by multiple nations and organizations. Being embargoed by, but not limited to, the Norgsveltian Crown Realm, NCEF, RCEU, UCA and many others. Leaving the Tieresh economy to be heavily dependent on trade with UCCS, with the Tieresh economy mainly dominated by its agricultural and manufacturing industry.

Tiervan is an unitary one party state established in 2007 under the National People’s Union Party (NPUP), a secular nationalist party led by Twain Aukusti. With the NPUP being elected on the 10th August 2005 for their hyper nationalism with them proclaiming they will reunify the island under Tieresh rule according to the “Greater Tiervan” dream. Though their nationalistic and unitary policies angered the Dvergian minority eventually starting the Dvergian Insurgency in 2011, as the Tieresh government got rid of Dvergerland’s autonomy and enforced state atheism in the state against the wishes of the religious Gothiric Ulvriktruars there. As a result of the Tieresh One Month War, the Norgsveltian government forced the country to sign the Treaty of Duribi and Treaty of Tyrsdal. As a result of the treaties the country had to give up control of parts of its Northern lands to Dvalheim and give up control of Dvergerland. Shrinking the Tieresh population from an estimated 17,1 million to its current 11,6 million. Though it still disputes its borders and has refused to recognise Dvergerland as an sovereign state.