Inter-Novaran Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance

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Inter-Novaran Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance
Flag of Inter-Novaran Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance INTRA
INTRA signatories (red) in Novaris (grey)
INTRA signatories (red) in Novaris (grey)
Administrative centerCadrigrano, Volscina
Other languagesCorric
TypeMilitary alliance
Mirhaime Federation
• Commander-General
Adalgiso Daniele
EstablishmentApril 20, 2022 (2022-04-20)
• 2022 estimate
GDP (nominal)2022 estimate
• Total
$5,349,926,321,456 SHD

The Inter-Novaran Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance, or INTRA, is an intergovernmental military alliance between 4 nations: Antora, the Mirhaime Federation, Sarvimaa, and Volscina. It is one of two major military blocs within the League of Novaris, the other being the Tolinsk Accords. INTRA was founded in April of 2022 in response to increased concerns about global and regional security, particularly in the face of the 2022 Rodenia-Axdel Crisis. The organization abides by and ratifies amendments to its eponymous Treaty, which lays out functions, administration, defensive conditions, and rules of engagement for the alliance.

INTRA operates as a system of collectivized mutual security, where any attack of a military or terrorist nature against a signatory is considered an attack on the other three as well. The alliance maintains itself as a seperate entity from the League of Novaris; while some consider it a "sub-organization" by the League's definition, INTRA does not recognize or accept the League Council's oversight. INTRA signatories cooperate in the fields of defense development and contribute to a mutual space program and nuclear deterrent triad. The headquarters of INTRA are located in the Volscine imperial capital of Cadrigrano, while defensive command headquarters are located in the Sarvian capital of Valkoniemi. The organization's motto, "Security and Peace in Our Time", reflects the founding commitments of the signatories to ensure that Novaris remains a terrorism and conflict-free zone.


The structure of the Inter-Novarian Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance is, though still not fully deployed, complex. As of 2022, the Inter-Novarian Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance (henceforth referred to as 'INTRA') maintains its headquarters in the city of Cadrigrano, Empire of Volscina. Though officially a military alliance, INTRA is structurally organized so that all agencies and sub-organizations are integrated into either military or civilian sectors, and take upon executive roles in their respective sectors. For the most part, they perform roles and functions that directly or indirectly support the alliance's overall security role.

The political and military structures of INTRA include:

The Inter-Novarian Strategic Council: The Inter-Novarian Strategic Council (abbreviated as INSC) is the highest body of the Inter-Novarian Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance, with effective governance authority and decision-making powers within INTRA. The Strategic Council is made up of permanent representatives or representatives at a higher level from member countries (for example ministers of foreign affairs or defense, or heads of state or government). The Strategic Council convenes on a weekly or monthly basis and considers the fundamental issues of the alliance’s activities and makes decisions aimed at achieving the alliance's goal and objectives, as well as to ensure the coordination and joint activities of the Member States to achieve these goals. Meetings of the Strategic Council are presided over by the Secretary General, and despite the Strategic Council's decision-making abilities, each nation represented at the Council table or on any of its subordinate committees retains sovereignty and responsibility for its own decisions.

As of 2022, the administrative headquarters of INTRA, and subsequently, the Strategic Council in located in the capital and largest city of the Empire of Volscina, Cadrigrano. Located within the (unfinished) headquarters complex. The general staff at the headquarters is composed of national delegations of member countries, and includes military and civilian liason offices and their officers, as well as diplomatic missions and diplomats of partner countries.

Defence Planning Committee: Defence Planning Committee (abbreviated as DPC) is the body composed of member states' Chief of Defense and advises the Strategic Council on military policies and strategies. The Defence Military Committee is composed of member states' Ministers/Secretaries/Chiefs of Defence/War. These national Ministers/Secretaries/Chiefs of Defence/War are regularly represented in the DPC by their permanent Military Representatives (MilRep). Similar to the the Strategic Council, the DPC covenes on a weekly and monthly basis at a higher level. Additionally, the Defence Planning Committee directly oversees the JSCS, and acts a unified command structure in joint operations.

Joint Supreme Command Staff: Joint Supreme Command Staff (abbreviated as JSCS) is, similar to the Defence Planning Committee and the Strategic Council, located in the (unfinished) Headquarters Complex in Cadrigrano, Volscina and is responsible for planning, executing and managing joint operations of INTRA and is also responsible for joint exercise coordination.