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The Gothiric Republic of Jarisven

Flag of Jarisven
Motto: Security through Strength, Liberation through Will
and largest city
Official languagesNorgsveltian and Ny’stat’en
Ethnic groups
41% Norgsveltian Elves, 14% Tieflings, 40% Kemonomimi , 5% Other
Gothiric Ulvriktru
GovernmentTheocratic Darzist Dictatorship
• High Minister
Tarvan Jonis
LegislatureHigh Council
• Gothiric Revolution
• Darzist Coup
• Estimate
GDP (nominal)2022 estimate
• Total
• Per capita
CurrencyJarikrons (JKN)
Time zoneUTC-5
Calling code+436
ISO 3166 codeJS, JSV
Internet TLD.jsv

The Gothiric Republic of Jarisven is a Theocratic Darzist Dictatorship located in northeast Novaris, bordering Ymirland and Hustreache.



Jarisven was originally part of the confederation of Ny‘Andrestopp.


When the viking host of Børre Fuglestad attacked Ny’Andrestopp in the 900s, Ny’Andrestopp suffered heavy losses, and though Fuglestad was eventually dispatched, portions of western Ny’Andrestopp were taken by Fuglestad’s cousin, Jahan Lagdirn, forming the kingdom of Lagdira.

Gothiric Republic

Ulvriktruar Wars of Religion

Lagdira was torn apart by civil war in the 1700’s, as upon the outbreak of the Ulvriktruar Wars of Religion, the pro-Gothiric population revolted against the Gustafistic king, eventually deposing him and establishing The Gothiric Republic of Jarisven. This was a partially driving force for the Norgsveltian colonization of Ymirland, to support the Gustafistic king, though the colonization was seen as a threat to Jarisven sovreignity, spurring an even greater militaristic and nationalistic movement.

Darzist Jarisven

The turn of the 20th century saw the rise of an ultranationalist and fascist movement, known as Darzism in the modern day, propelled by fears that the new religious freedom in Ymirland and the growth of Hirdism in Hustreache threatened the sovereignty of the republic. While the exact origins of Darzism are unclear, the most influential figure in Darzism is undisputedly its namesake, Oriv Darzisa. Darzisa was an early 20th century politician and Gothiric priest who utilized backroom deals and nationalistic populism to take the office of prime minister. Backed by the military, he then took control of parliament, establishing Gothiric fascism as the main force behind Jarisvi politics. Other religions, while discriminated against, were persecuted even more once Darzisa took control of the nation.

Jarisven has since been characterized by authoritarian rule, suppression of political freedoms and human rights, and an ever-increasing attitude of ultra-nationalism and militarism. Pro-Akuan Democracy protests have arisen in eastern Jarisven, but they are mostly suppressed by the government, with participants often being executed. Jarisven has very strained relations with both Ymirland and Hustreache.