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Federal Republic of Seccera

Repubblica Federale d'Seccera (Norvian)
Flag of Seccera
Coat of arms of Seccera
Coat of arms
Motto: "All are worthy, all are equal, all deserve redemption."
Anthem: "Una Rinascita del Fuoco"
Official languagesNorvian
• President
George Gray
c. 100 - c. 1500
c. 1500-2002
• Constitution ratified
• Total
142,101 km2 (54,866 sq mi)
• 2020 estimate
~4.5 million
• Density
31.67/km2 (82.0/sq mi)
GDP (nominal)2020 estimate
• Total
• Per capita

Seccera, formally the Federal Republic of Seccera, is a country in West Novaris situated southeast of Cavellan and west of Celanora.

West Novaris was the site of settlement by Norvian people since antiquity, with modern Seccera being settled by the Arveti and Celani. The Celani, centered around their capital of Celano, would expand its influence through military campaign, culminating with the conquests of Lucian, who would soon afterwards bring about Lucerism as its Prophet and make himself the first emperor of the Celanor Empire. The Celanor Empire would continue to grow over the next millennium until it controlled all of West Novaris, from modern-day Volscina into the modern-day Lapinumbian mainland. The Celanor Empire would rapidly decline from the 13th to 16th centuries, with Volscina breaking away and eventually conquering Celano, leaving behind a rump state that became Celanora.

The Volscine territory around Celano was organized into the Kingdom of Seccera, and became a constituent state of the Volscine Empire. Through a series of strategic dynastic marriages, the succession to the Secceran throne eventually passed to the Ælfræding dynasty, the ruling dynasty of Tretrid. This personal union would last until the mid-19th century, with a brief interlude in the mid-17th century with the War of the Tretridian Succession and the following Tretridio-Secceran War. Due to differing succession laws between Seccera and Tretrid, the thrones passed to different heirs in 1802, though the Secceran throne remained within Tretrid's Cenhelming dynasty until the mid-19th century, causing a succession dispute that the Volscine imperial government settled in favor of the House of Rineldi, which ruled Arlenboro. This succession was contested by Tretrid, leading to the Secceran Crown War.

The Kingdom of Seccera remained ruled by the House of Rindeldi until the Volscine Civil War, at which the monarchy was ousted by the Secceran Senate and declared the creation of a Secceran Republic, leading to a crisis that led to a Tretridian military intervention and resulting occupation at the behest of the Senate. A provisional constitution was created in 2003, though the government was largely lambasted as a Tretridian puppet government aimed at legitimizing a continued Tretridian occupation. Tretridian withdrawal from Seccera accompanied the passage of a new constitution in 2020 as the result of negotiations between George Gray, who afterwards became President of Seccera, and Tretridian Prime Minister Eoforwine Æthelstanesunu.