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United States of Mexregiona

Meksrídzeionai Egyesült Államok (Regic)
The flag of the United States of Mexregiona
The Great Seal of Mexregiona
Great Seal
Motto: Még Mindig Itt Vagyunk (Regic)
"We Are Still Here"
Anthem: Dicsőség és tisztelet (Regic)
"Glory and Veneration"
A map showing the location of Mexregiona off the coast of Novaris
Location of Mexregiona (dark green) off the coast of Novaris (grey).
CapitalDropdatderp (de jure)
Insulmin (de facto)
Largest cityInsulmin
Official languagesRegic
Commonly UsedAsendavian
Ethnic groups
Ailurine 83%
Nekomimi 9%
Human 6.5%
Ursine 1.5%
Demonym(s)Mexregional (geographic)
Mexregionian (people)
GovernmentFederal Presidential republic
• President
Mister Leader III
• Scrivener of State
Janos Beartrot
• Provost of the Assembly of States
Mark Ferterrano
• Chair of the General Assembly
Zsofía Dat
LegislatureFederal Diet
Assembly of States
General Assembly
• Altalandian Empire established
c. 2000 BCE
• First Mexregional polity
c. 1150 BCE
• United States of Mexregiona established
15 July 1854 CE
• Total
144,287.66 km2 (55,709.78 sq mi)
• 2021 census
GDP (nominal)2021 estimate
• Total
SHD $155,396,825,250
• Per capita
SHD $55,750
CurrencyMonsuu (MXM)
Time zoneUTC -11:00
Driving sideright
Calling code+906
Internet TLD.mxr

The United States of Mexregiona, commonly referred to as Mexregiona (/mɛks.ˈr.i.ˈ.nə/), is an island country located off the northwestern coast of Novaris, to the north of Infinite Loop. Approximately half of the country lies above the Rotantic Circle. The country was a founding member of the League of Novaris in 2017, and is home to the headquarters of the Rotantic Congress, which was established in Dropdatderp in 2000. In 2021, Mexregiona was elected to serve on the International Forum Security Council.

Sapient inhabitation of what is now Mexregiona is dated to as early as 25,000 years BP (Before Present). Scholars debate whether the ailurine or nekomimi species reached the island first, as both appear to have been present very early after the end of the Last Glacial Maximum and the Rotantic ice sheet receded. Ursines began migrating to the area approximately 3,000 years BP, though most continued on to mainland Novaris. Mexregiona has long been an important trading port and travel destination between Novaris and Yasteria. The etymology of the name “Mexregiona” is unknown, and is recorded as early as 1150 BCE. It is believed that the Native Rodokans of Tavaris were indigenous to Mexregiona, but their entire population emigrated away beginning shortly after the first Mexregional polity was formed. The reasons for this migration are unknown.

Modern Mexregiona is a federation consisting of five states which, despite the name of the country, are officially called parishes. The parishes enjoy significant control over their internal affairs, with the federal government primarily responsible for international relations and defense. The President of Mexregiona is elected by an Electoral College consisting of the collective members of each parish’s legislature. The office of President is defined as the “symbol of federal unity” in the Constitution, but unlike many other Presidents or Heads of State on Urth, the office is not symbolic. The President of Mexregiona enjoys broad power in international affairs, is the commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces, and has the authority to veto laws passed by the Federal Diet. According to a tradition in the country, as well as a clause of the Constitution since a 2004 amendment, the President must assume the name “Mister Leader” upon election to office. As such, Presidents are often referred to by number: Mister Leader I, Mister Leader II, and so on.

The President of Mexregiona is assisted by the Council of Scriveners, which is commonly referred to as the “cupboard” or “cabinet.” Scriveners are analogous to Ministers of other countries. The Scrivener of State is the country’s top diplomat, and also in charge of the administration of the civil service, making it a very powerful position in its own right.

A Rotantic country, Mexregiona is particularly cold, with the sun not appearing over the horizon for significant portions of the winter. However, due to significant volcanic and geothermal activity, as well as warmer ocean currents on its coast, it is less cold than it would be otherwise. While portions of the country north of the Rotantic Circle are covered in glaciers or snowpack, the southern portions of the country consist of tundra and taiga environments that can support some agriculture. The country’s primary economic driver, though, is aluminum mining and refining, along with other various metals and minerals. Mexregiona enjoys warm relations with nearby Asendavia as well as countries such as Great Morstaybishlia. Most of the food in Mexregiona is imported, primarily from Asilica, through the Tripartite Pact of Amity that removed trade barriers between those two states as well as Reijia.