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Durakan refers to the two debated linguistic entities of Standard Durakan and Martovic Durakan. Classification of the two has proven controversial in Linguistics. The Marlo University of Linguistics define Standard Durakan as a language in the Gliat Shean family, with Martovic Durakan as a dialect of that language, while the Vleesmeer Language College argues Standard Durakan to be a dialect of Asendavian, while Martovic Durakan is a constructed language outside the Gliat Shean Family.

The issue stems from the question of mutual intelligibility. Modern Standard Durakan's intelligibility with Asendavian has been argued, with some claiming they are mutually-intelligible, while others ascribe it to being more like Vistarian and Blueacian. Martovic Durakan, however, has some mutual intelligibility with Standard Durakan, but undoubtedly little to none with Asendavian.

Durakan began as a convergence of a variety of Asendavian dialects mixing with working class colloquialism, which linguists today refer to as Early Standard Durakan (ESD).

ESD began developing within the lower classes of Asendavia between the early 19th and early 20th centuries, becoming an unclassified "dialect of the workers" as it grew more common during Industrialization. However, ESD soon became linked with the Asendavian Miners' & Labourers' Front (Azdeklori Minarbeit' und Arbeit' Front in RSD) and similar Communist and Syndicalist organisations. Thus developed RSD, (Revolutionary Standard Durakan) with major influences from Ethalrian, believed to have been encouraged by Ethal-Asendavian Revolutionary Thomas "Tarov" Hesse, the first to suggest the Durakia Plan, which came into use following the failure at the Battle of Tungrad, leading to RSD coming to the newly established Durakia along with fleeing AMLF revolutionaries.

RSD was deemed the official language of Durakia, seeing it referred to as Durakan for the first time, as well as beginning the Language vs Dialect debate, as RSD developed further and further away from Asendavian, taking influence and words from the Pivnich languages of the native Dwarf population of West Novaris.

The rise of Sariv Martov saw the construction of New Durakan (Now referred to as Martovic Durakan), a synthetic mix of Durakan with Pivnich and Constructed elements, creating a language described to as 'dronespeak" by critics of Martov. Some elements of Martovic bled into Standard Durakan as it developed, which it did in spite of Martovist suppression of the more common method of speech. This saw the evolution of the Modern Standard Durakan used in Durakia today, with the Martovic form having the possibility to be completely phased out following the annexation of Vakarastan, however remaining the official language of the Vakari Government-in-exile.