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This page is preserved solely for archival purposes. It is not representative of the current roleplay canon or standards.
1 Infinite Loop

Motto: "Secure your Fridge, fight the Fridge Owl Menace"
Official languagesJapanese, English, Russian, Race
• Former Shiplord
• Estimate
6.5 billion
Currencythe Loop (£)

It is hard to draw a distinction between 1 Infinite Loop, the nation and Loop, the person, so you probably should read both pages. 1 Infinite Loop was a famous UN delegate of region the East Pacific since ancient days.

Region: The East Pacific

Near 1 May 2003 the nation of Infinite Loop arrived in the East Pacific, seeking to settle down in a small and sleepy region, however by the end of the month, dreams of Rest and relaxation were cast to the winds, as on 25 May Infinite Loop became Delegate. Three years later, on May 25th, 2006, Loop again hoped for rest. However, the day after turning over the Delegacy to Gnidrah, Loop was appointed Grand Vizier of the East Pacific, destroying his peaceful rest.

History of Infinite Loop, the nation

1 Infinite Loop was founded by the orphaned brothers Steveithicus on the plains of the island of Fat Japan* the orphans were raised by a Nekomimi who lived in an Apple Grove. From there on it is pretty dull as not much happened until WWII when a race of Humanoid Lizards called the Race* invaded Infinite Loop (the 1 only used for official state things) they were fought to a stalemate and peace was established between the two warring factions sharing lands and technology (hence why Loop is farther advanced than other nations in The East Pacific, with the exception of Codex and Packilvania.

The Nekomimi at one point made up only 9% of the population however in 1974 the General Secretary Chihiro Honda-san declared them to be protected and established preservation programs, they recovered dramatically and in 1999 were removed from the protected status and made full citizens.

Culture of Infinite Loop

The People of Infinite Loop are varied by race but not by culture, the general population is hard working, sensible and polite, outwardly they appear to live in a state of perpetual 1950's television, with modern bits only sticking out on in places it is impossible to conceal. They prefer for their technology to be semi Hidden, a television will when off and its cabinet closed resemble an old console Radio, their telephones while modern inside, appear to be from the 1970's such modesty permeates to the neighborhood as well, the corners have streetlamps and mailboxes that appear as they did 40 years ago, the roadsigns are 4' tall stone pillars with bronze plaques to tell you the street names, the stopsigns are small compared to the American variety and triangular, the People of Infinite Loop believe that to be ones best one cannot brag about it. however they maintain their quirks, where most countries have their currency in base ten, the Loop currency is in base 8, their bills range from the 1£ to the 2£ 4, 8, 16 32, 64 and 128£ notes, anything under 1£ is however counted in base ten.

Races native to Infinite Loop

Human: Humans make up roughly 45% of the population of Infinite Loop,

The Race: Lizard humanoids from Tau Ceti, they make up approximately 35% of the Pop.

Nekomimi: Cat Girls, they comprise approx 20% of the population.

Cylons: Artificial Lifeforms manufactured by Infinite Loop's Cybernetics companies. about 70% recently gained their freedom and relocated north to Unimatrix0

however the upper grade models were unaffected by the weapon used by Packilvania

Religion in Infinite Loop

Even though Infinite Loop is Economically a Communist nation with members of the Communist party controlling the majority of the government, it is still ruled by its Emperor Kaito Fujiwara and as such, Religion is not forbidden as it is in other nations using the principals of Marx. The People of Infinite Loop practice a toned down version of the Ruler worship of the Pre WWII era they still pay homage to him as before, only a little less fanatical. the Most common representation of this is in the Race, who Honor the Emperor on their home world as well as Emperor (name again) Shinto and Buddhism represent the two largest faiths in Infinite Loop, making up together 55% of the population, Christianity and Judaism make up 10% and 4% respectively, with Atheists and Undecided bringing up the rear with a collective 31%.

In recent years, the Triumvirate, has officially Unrecognized the Islamic Faith, they apologise to the Followers of Mohammed, but due to the actions of their Brethren in Performing Terrorist and other subversive activities cannot officially recognize a faith that permits such to occur.

Government of Infinite Loop

The people of Infinite Loop live in a Communist Utopia, they are governed by the Triumvirate made up of The Emperor, the General Secretary, and the Diet, a combination of a Senate and Congress who act as the general Legislative branch, The Emperor rarely involves himself in politics, and therefore the second on the chain, the General Secretary fills the executive role. The Judicial branch of government is a Separate entity from the trimuvirate so as to protect them from pressure and allow for fair and equal interpretation of the laws, they can over ride any decision by the Diet or the General secretary, they may also override the Emperor, but rarely do.

Infinite Loops Communist government is slightly modified and adds in parts of Athenian Democracy where all citizens vote for themself or dont vote if they dont want to.

Military service in Infinite Loop is Compulsory with 6 month to 5 year terms, with 6 months (from time of the end of boot camp) being the minimum required for the national Debit system.

Terms of Office the Emperor serves from the day he ascends to the the Throne of Heaven until he passed unto the embrace of the Sun Goddess. The General Secretary is either Appointed by the Emperor or Elected by the People, commonly he or she is elected. they serve for up to ten years with most serving 8 out of respect for the Great Hikaru Motenai. Dieticians serve for 6 years with election dates staggered every three years ensuring half of the Diet is new every three years. diteicians are limited to two 6 year terms

Economics of Infinite Loop The National Debit system operates the core of he Financial system, All monies made by the person are deposited weekly in the system. and during the week they can withdraw up to 65% of the monies for personal use, the other 35% part goes to Tax the other goes to the Retirement and healthcare system. Any monies not used by the person can be deposited into the savings and / or the healt and retirement system. (this is why the country has a 100% tax rate)

To be Continued...

Political Parties and Special Interest Groups

this may take a while to put together, please be patient.


  • The Race is from the Book series WorldWar by Harry Turtledove, I really liked it as you can tell.
  • Please note Most of the Errata will be on the Loop, the person page.

Loop, the person

It's hard to draw a distinction between 1 Infinite Loop, the nation and Loop, the person, so you probably should read both pages.

Understanding Loop

Understanding the Name, a lot of folks have inquired about Loop's national name, it is actually rather simple, Loop is a Mac User, and the name is the street address of Apple Computers Home offices, (Apple Computer, 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino Ca., 95014)

Loop has been known as 1IL, IL, Loop, Loopy, 1 Infinate Loop, you there, that stupid Invader, Scourge of the EP, Eater of children, and several Expletives uttered by "enemies" over the last two years.

Also for anyone keeping count I have a pile of flags, I have them on my server and would link it here but I rarely turn it on, so it is probably best that I don't. I'll eventually put them someplace where I can show them off.

History of Infinite Loop, the person

The Great Architect of the Universe carved 1 Infinite Loop from the rock face of NS on January 25th 2003.

I arrived due to the link on Fark.com and Loop was one of two nations I made that night (Probably made three but cannot recall if the other was the 25th or 26th).

Loop started out in The South Pacific, as it was the only feeder at the time and immeadiatly moved to Lovely Farkistan,

Where it sat until I along with 4 others invented (I say that loosly as I believe that Invading would have been invented whether we did it or not.) Invading. I served as the first Non Nazi Delegate of the region Germany and participated in the De Nazification of Axis I also served as Propaganda minister during the invasion of the Heartland where I still have a puppet living.

Shortly after the Heartland I moved to the East Pacific and settled intending to allow Loop to die off, however when Lothlandermore the delegate at the time had to leave to tend to Real life (you know that mystical place where the people speak vocally instead of via text on screen) I was asked to take the reins of the EP and keep the ACC out. I did and well I'm still there, I became Delegate on May 25th of 2003 and have sat in the East ever since.

If you need to get a hold of me my Email is 1infiniteloop(at)Gmail.com (I have a few invites if you ask nicely I'll gladly share)

Loop, the One and the Prime

Loop is made almost entirely out of Candy.

Also if you are not me, please don't fark with my page.