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Endertopias, formally known as the Federation of Endertopias, is a country located in northern Novaris. It borders Gräntierik and Veria to the south and the southeast, respectively, and Vesienväl is just across a strait. The total area of approximately 580,000 squared kilometers is home to a rapidly modernizing and internationalizing economy. The capital is Starynwale, and the largest city is Delphinia.

The Federation of Endertopias

Flag of Endertopias
Motto: "One cannot lose until he stops trying."
Anthem: "Stars' Oath"
Largest cityDelphinia
Ethnic groups
  • 71.7% Human
  • 23.6% Elf
  • 4.7% Others
  • 41% Irreligious
  • 31% Ademarism
  • 18% Endery tribes
  • 10% Others
GovernmentFederal Parliamentary Republic
• Prime Minister
Lyme Luke
• President
John Bourke
LegislatureThe Enderhalls
The Skynesses' Court
The Endertopian Assembly
• The Expedition
• 33th~35th Endreassembly
1228 ~ 1264
• Endery League
• First Endre-Actrosis War
1372 ~ 1400
• Alibi Revolution
• Endertopian War
1460 ~ 1518
• Qifeiyan Declaration
• Modern borders
• Total
579,590.53 km2 (223,781.15 sq mi)
• 2020 census
• Density
55.67/km2 (144.2/sq mi)
GDP (PPP)2020 estimate
• Total
• Per capita
HDI (2020)Increase 0.895
very high
CurrencyEndens (∃)
Time zoneUTC-9
Mains electricity110/220V 60hz
Driving sideright
Calling code+548
Internet TLD.edt

Aside from the aboriginal peoples living on the land, the first group of adventurers from Asendavia set foot on the land in the 10th century, landing on the coasts of modern-day Madelina. The first settlers did not stay dormant for long before again setting off for the unknown, towards the west. After a series of events, the 18 tribes of the Endery League united to form the Federation. Enderopias today is a federal parliamentary republic operating under a high degree of unity. The 18 tribes has been cooperative and supportive of each other through their hardest times, and to prevent biases towards any of them, the government spreads its operations over all the major cities.

The Endertopian government practiced isolationism after its foundation with an eye to stabilizing the nation after an almost-60-year-long conflict. After the political reforms, efforts have been made to speed up the internationalization and modernization of the economy. The government in the modern age puts heavy subsidies on the high-tech and tourism industries. The vast landscapes and cultures stemming from the 18 historic aboriginal tribes makes for a great attraction to tourists. The Federation of Endertopias joined the League of Novaris in 2021.


The Expeditionists

The first documented records landing of people on what would now be Endertopias date back to 934 AD. The historic documents, in the form of diaries were written by a group of adventurers. Recent archaeology studies have been able to positively identify their Asendavian origins. The group, later named the Expeditionists, first made landfall on the eastern coast near modern-day Madelina. They set up camps, deciding not to travel further by sea. The Expeditionists would then go on more adventures to uncharted lands west of the Madelina coast. The vast plains in the area allowed them good progress, and eventually to reach their first natural barrrier, the Flameflower Mountains. They would later change directions to discover the Skywynne Mountains in the north.

Endery Tribes

The original residents of the Endertopian lands are the Endery tribespeople, consisting mainly of elves. It is estimated that they have been living on and around the Flameflower Mountain Ranges for over 5000 years. Historians have currently recognised 18 different distinct tribes across the Flameflower and Skywynne Mountains, most of which shared similar ways of living and systems of society. They were somewhat religious societies all believing in different goddesses (Skynesses) of their own, though the ways they worshipped them were mostly the same, with the only difference based on the Skynesses' individual preferences. Most of the Endery tribes elect their leaders once a year in a gathering, while some others decide their leaders in different ways. The tribes are closely connected with other tribes, with documents and artifacts indicating a prosperous trading system between tribes. The tribe leaders hold a grand meeting, called the Endreassembly, every 12 years to discuss important matters. A common theme is unification, though many discussions were not fruitful.

The discovery of the Endery tribes & Stonegate Incident

With the news of successful expedition spreading, more and more people followed the Expeditionists onto the land. Over time, a new society emerged, the old members of the Expeditionists slowly gained power and prevalence in the newly formed system. In 1021 AD, outsiders made their first contact with the Endery tribes.

Over time, the elves slowly made their ways into the system. Two very distinct ideologies emerged as a result, the anti-elves Old Expeditionists' Council and everyone else. In 1047 AD, as a country starts to take shape, a conflict regarding the ways in which election works sparked a major violent event, the first of such in Endertopias' mostly peaceful history. A group of people and elves burst into a fight in the Stonegate tribe, this would later cause the Old Expeditionists' Council to establish their own nation, the Kingdom of Actrosis, in 1206 AD, i.e. the Great Divide.

The Great Divide & Endery League

The people living on the Endertopian plains were split in two. In the east was the newly established Actrosis Kingdom, and in the west were the 18 Endery tribes still yet to unify. The quality of rule of the Actrosis government quickly deteriorated after dozens of years and they started to roll out speciest policies aimed at the elves. This in turn prompted some to migrate over to west, creating a significant influx of population for the traditional tribes. Still, the Kingdom remained a powerful existence, as its people acknowledge the contributions the original Expeditionists had made to inhabit this land. On the other hand, seeing this massive increase in activity, the tribe leaders had no choice but to take action.

The 33th Endreassemly took place in 1228 AD. The tribe leaders discussed the possibility of a united Endery tribes as an entity that would accept all kinds of souls without discrimination, a nation with all the old virtues of traditional tribal life -- acceptance and friendliness. It would then take two more successive meetings to finally settle aside all of their differences and come to terms. In the 36th Endreassembly in 1276 AD, the 18 tribes of Endery officially united to form the Endery League, featuring a national assembly made up of the 18 tribe leaders. The Endery League was just a rather lose collection of tribes and each tribes get to retain their original inner workings. Over time, however, the tribes grew closer and closer.

Endre-Actrosis Wars & Alibi Revolution

The status quo between the two side lasted for almost 100 years before the Endre-Actrosis War was set off. Another violent beating due to a misunderstanding between the two sides this time escalated to a full scale war.

The First Endre-Actrosis War started on February 17, 1372, when an Endery League outpost attacked a group of Actrosis troops passing by. The mountainous terrains of the Flameflower Mountains made it incredibly difficult for Actrosis to advance, and the Endery League took full advantage of it, building a powerful line of defense along it. However, the open plains of Actrosis was nearly impossible for the League, with their outclassed weaponries, to fight on. The Battle of the Rockkamp was the biggest military operation of the war, where Actrosis launched an all-out attack on the highest Endery League camp, Rockkamp, situated on a huge rock to watch over the region. With their high ground, the Rockkamp successfully deterred the attack. The rest of the fight quickly came to a standstill. The next 27 years saw on-and-off fights across the ridge lines with no major conflicts.

A cease-fire was signed at the dawn of the 15th century. What followed was a period of uncertainty, where both side speculated on the next big conflict. In 1458 AD, the news of a coup d'état in Actrosis stunned people all over, this turned out to be a show put on by the Actrosis government itself. The Kingdom of Actrosis accused the Endery League of secretly helping with the coup and quickly doubled down and started another military campaign. This is considered the start of the second Endre-Actrosis War, also known as the Endertopian War. The fake coup came to be known as the Alibi Revolution.

During the cease-fire, the Asendavian descendants of the Endery League reached out to other countries such as Cryria and Asendavia for military assistance. With the improved arsenal, the moral high ground of not having started the war and the close cooperation between the elves and the humans, the Endery League pushed eastwards. The Siege of Clover was one of the fiercest fights in the entire Endertopian history, with Actrosis' 7th Army holding the line vigorously, Endery League finally took the city after 9 months of relentless fighting. The city of Clover (now Cloveraffe) is located right in the center of the land and acts as a major transportation hub for both the war efforts of the past and the national trade of the present. With control of the city, Endery League has secured a strategically advantageous position, and with it they can safely push both the north and the south fronts without having to worry about supplies. The Endery League advanced north to Kafkaland in 1506, and south to Portine in 1508, controlling the sea around the failing Actrosis Kingdom. The Kingdom of Actrosis effectively surrendered and offered peace in 1518.

Qifeiyan Treaty & The final expeditions

After the war, King Moldolve II of the Kingdom of Actrosis met up with the 18 tribe leaders in the Qifeiyan Palace on December 20, 1520. The Qifeiyan Treaty was signed, agreeing on one united Federation that "shall accept all precious souls, no matter their forms." 12 days later, on the first day of 1521, the 18 tribe leaders and human representatives gathered in Starynwale, announcing the foundation of the Federation of Endertopias.

With the days of terrible wars now in the history books, and with new methods of traversing mountainous terrains, the final teams of expeditionists set off for the unknown once again. In 1580 AD, they reached the borders of Veria in the far west, the modern city of Tenshily in the northeast, and the Mel River in the south that would separate Endertopias from Gräntierik, finalizing the borders of Endertopias as it is today.

Political reforms

After the foundation of Endertopias, the Federation functioned under the National Assembly, made up of the original 18 tribal leaders. With the entirety of the Endertopian plains now in control, the 18 Endery tribes effectively had control over all elves and other species. A limited democracy was practiced, where elections are held to re-elect the members of the National Assembly every year, but such elections are still done in the old tribal ways: in the middle of the tribe, with people counting the number of hands raised. Despite the elves' rule without major issues or discrimination, humans' voices were unheard in the National Assembly. Over the course of the 16th and 17th century, pressure from the general public pushed the National Assembly to do a complete overhaul of the political system. In response to the calls, the National Assembly opened new seats to non-elven states, however, the process was slow, and seats held by the elves were still the majority.

As the population grows in number, the elven leadership showed its problems, just tribal thoughts were not sufficient to develop a nation of this scale. To many, humans and elves alike, modernizations in both the political and economical systems is what's needed by the country. In 1703, a group of reformists sneaked into the National Assembly building at night and set up camps there, preventing further meetings from taking place. After several unsuccessful attempts to break the lockdown, the members of the National Assembly agreed to a deliberation with the reformists 2 weeks later. The Starynwale Compromise was made, and the National Assembly was abolished. The new Endertopian Assembly would take its place, along with the Skynesses' Court and a new president figure. The leader of the original National Assembly, Nari Ermusai, became the first president of Endertopias. The first election was held 3 months after.

Geography and climate

Endertopias is located in northern Novaris, with most of the land having a temperate climate, the southern cities of Maberg and Watsonville have warmer winters then their northern counterparts, it usually doesn't snow in the south. The northernmost major city, Nortilus, and nearby settlement Seastar Lagoon are famous for their glacier landscapes. There are three major mountain ranges in Endertopias: the Skywynne Mountains, the Flameflower Mountains, and the Melland Mountains, all of which are located in the west. The highest point of the country is the Sorarian Peak of the Skywynne Mountains, at 6628 m AMSL.


The Flameflower Pass

The Flameflower Pass is a narrow stretch of land sandwiched between two mountain ranges that are collectively called the Flameflower Mountains. The mountain pass connects two major cities, Eyjafyalland and Ifriti. It is, however, a designated national park, and development in the area is strictly regulated. The pass got its name from the fiery red flowers that bloom every summer, painting the entire landscape with the color of passion.

The Skywynne Mountains

Home to the highest peak of the country and one of the highest mountains of the continent, the Sorarian Peak, the Skywynne Mountains was an unsurmountable barrier to the original Expeditionists. Today, it separates Nortilus's unique landscapes from the rest of the country while allowing for travel between the regions.

The Melland Mountains

Located in the south, the Melland National Park is home to the most number of species in Endertopias.


The Angelina River has two branches, with one originating from the Flameflower Mountains, and the other from the Skywynne Mountains. The two braches join to form the longest and most important river in the country. The Angelina River meets the ocean at Starynwale, nurturing the capital as it developed.

Politics and government


Endertopias is a Federal Parliamentary Republic, the current president is John Bourke, who holds little actual power. The Enderhalls is a bicameral parliament. The upper house, the Skynesses' Court, consists of 128 seats, with each of the Endertopias' 32 states assigned 4 seats. The members of the Skynesses' Court is elected regionally under the single transferable vote system of proportional representation. The 14 states that originated from the 18 Endery tribes must elect at least two elf out of the four seats, ensuring that at least 28 seats are represented by elves. The lower house, the Endertopian Assembly, consists of 651 seats that are elected on a national basis, also under a system of proportional representation. The prime minister is further elected by members of the Assembly. There is no additional rules on species in the Endertopian Assembly. The Skynesses' Court is typically elected every 12 years, while the Endertopian Assembly is elected every 4 years along with the president. Should members of the Skynesses' Court retire or be ejected for any reasons, make-up elections are to be held alongside the Endertopian Assembly General Election. There is no term limits, but members of both houses that are over the age of 75 shall retire.

Postal voting services are available to all citizens on demand.

The Skynesses' Court is located in Ifriti, while the Endertopian Assembly is located in Starynwale. Regular sessions of both the Court and the Assembly is open to the general public upon registration.

The leading political party with the majority in the Endertopian Assembly is the Wind of Freedom Party, with 378 seats out of 651, winning 58.12% of votes of the 2020 General Election.

Qifeiyan Palace

Qifeiyan Palace, located in Eyjafyalland, is the national palace and residence of Endertopias. It serves several purposes. The president will sign and acknowledge newly passed bills, and the president or the prime minister may make important announcements in the palace. Foreign diplomats and important visitors also meet government officials in the palace. In addition, the Qifeiyan Palace is also open to the public at all times, even providing accommodation for travelers.

Foreign policies

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is located in the city of Tenshily, headed by Foreign Affairs Minister Rushiana Correia.

In light of the Endertopian War, the National Assembly had practiced isolationism in order to stabilize the situation. With the abolishment of the National Assembly, the new federal government took a more active stance towards other nations, establishing positive ties with other countries like Cryria based on historical ties such as religion and descendance. Following the International Presence Act of 2021, Endertopias applied for memberships of the League of Novaris.

Law enforcement

The Endertopian Police handles all ordinary police businesses. In more serious and important missions they may be accompanied by the Eclipse Special Operation Team, which is a distinct branch of the Endertopian military. The most severe punishment according to Endertopian laws is death, though it is very rarely practiced in civilian contexts. Following the Souls' Rights Act of 2018, same-sex marriages are legally recognized. Euthanasia is legal under the condition that the patient is conscious and makes an informed decision, or in cases where the patient is unconscious, the family makes an informed decision. The acts of euthanasia are to be performed only by the government-approved Euphornasia Institute.

The legal drinking age in Endertopias is 16.


The Komiria Army of Endertopias was founded alongside the original Endery League. It was restructured after the foundation of Endertopias. Conscription was the preferred method of recruitment before it was abolished for an all-voluntary system in 1720. At the height of the conscription era, the EKA peaked at around 185,000 personnel, with a reserve force of 150,000. At the present, the Komiria has a total of 85,000 active personnel and around 100,000 reserve troops. The Komiria is governed by the Komirian Council, a special council consisting of the Prime Minister, the Minister of Defense, and various generals of the Kassachama. It may be called during wartime by a 2/3 majority vote of the Parliament.

The EKA consists of five main branches, the Army (EKA), the Navy (EKN), the Air Force (EKF), the Eclipse Special Operation Team (EKE), and the Endertopian Coast Guard (ECG). The EKA's total funding is currently around 13 billion SHD per year.

Culture and religion


Endertopias has no official religion and the government operates without influences from any religions. Traditional Endery tribal religions are still practiced in some areas, and the first adventurers of Asendavia brought along with them Ademarism. The Church of Exusia near the borders of Veria and Gräntierik is the center of Ademarism in the country. According to surveys, 31% of Endertopians practice Ademarism.

Home of the Wine

The Endery tribes were great enjoyers and makers of alcohol, which makes for an alcohol-loving culture with a legal drinking age as low as 16. Traditional Endery Wine is well-loved by the Endertopian public, and the Brewery Association of Endertopias is actively promoting the wine to the international market.


The Endertopian economy has a GDP of just over $1 trillion. The government places great emphasis on the tourism and high-tech industries, the domestic wine industry is also on the rise. And the country's vast forest also makes for great woods for export, but the lumbering industry is on a downward trend due to tightening environmental regulations.

Transportation infrastructure


Main article: Enderloop

The national rail carrier is the Enderloop Company, headquartered in Eyjafjalland. Enderloop owns and operates railroad tracks all across the country, including high-speed tracks connecting the major cities. The high-speed Superlumina services opened in 2008 and runs at a maximum speed of 320 km/h. The company also operates two overnight sleeper trains that run across the country.


Main article: Autobahn in Endertopias

The Automobile Broad Accommodation Highway Network (Autobahn), maintained and overseen by the National Autobahn Administration, is the country's comprehensive highway system. It has no speed limits in some areas. The stretch of roads of A80 from Amina to Tenshily is often dubbed the most beautiful highway in Endertopias, the "Angel's Highway."

Sea transports

The Port of Portine is Endertopias' biggest port. Handling 47% of Endertopian maritime cargo by value.

Air transports

Endertopias has five major international airports, all of which serve domestic flights, too.

International Airports of Endertopias
Airport Code Total passengers (2020) Change
Watson International EWAT 43,627,450 +4.3%
Starynwale International ESWL 38,110,240 +3.1%
Anfissa International EAFS 19,015,200 +2.5%
Kafka International EKFK 15,330,650 +3.0%
Nortilus International ENTI 11,050,100 +5.6%