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Cathair Burnside
The Centurion's Assembly Hall
The Centurion's Assembly Hall
Constructed by Theocratic Decree1685 CE
 • TypeMilitary Administrative Region
 • BodyThe Office of the General Administrator of Burnside
 • General AdministratorRóise Naois (Unity Party of Meagharia)
 • Total985,369
Time zoneUTC-9:00 (Meagharian Unitary Time)
Postal code
Telephone area code001

The City of Burnside (Durdneelian: Cathair Burnside, is the Capital City of the Secular Republic of Meagharia, and the Second Largest City in the country after the City of Sherman. As of the 2019 Meagharian General Census the city has a population of 9.8 hundred thousand people. Before 2019 the City was known as The Holy City of Milof before being renamed to Burnside in Executive Order No. 1 passed by Grand Marshal Nathaniel O'Fahr on May 10th 2019.