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Auroran-Pacific War

Colonarius Mk2's in action during the war
Date31 May 2017 - 24 October 2017
Status Finished

Bursil Alliance:

Rivendale Pact:

Commanders and leaders

Bursil Alliance:

Rivendale Pact:


The Oan Isles 200,000

Casualties and losses


The Oan Isles 6,000


The Auroran-Pacific War (APW) was a conventional military conflict between the Rivendale Pact and Bursil Alliance in 2017 fought predominantly in Aurora and the South West Pacific Ocean. The Rivendale Pact consisted of Ethalria, Uspalria , Gemica, Kostromastan and Stratarin and the Bursil Alliance consisted of Great Morstaybishlia (MBE), The Oan Isles, Axdel, Kuthernburg, Tretrid, Vistaraland and Kostoria-Obertonia.

The war arose in the shadow of the Auroran Imperial War that ended in the mid-1970s. The Grand Matriarchy of Ethalria was partitioned into 2 states: the Republic of Ethalria (ROE) and Matriarch of Ethalria (which lost Marislia to MBE). Nevertheless, Ethalria became prosperous and self-confident. Internal political forces such as the rise of ultranationalism and irredentism led to the rise of Amalda Harimann who harbored aspirations for a united Greater Ethalria. In the ROE, Usprians were tired of human rule. Having accumulated power, economic and political capital, their leaders struck a deal with Ethalria to aid its ethnonationalist project on return for control over ROE.

The APW was preceded by a coup in Stratarin which resulted in the ascendance of Mikhail Starikov to the Strataric leadership. During which a civil war arose in the Republic of Ethalria which saw its government flee to Yor and Uspalria declare control over its former territory. Furthermore a spate of terrorist attacks occured in MBE orchestrated by Ethalria which culminated in the assassination of Prince Thadeus, Duke of Horkalo.

The war began with Uspalria invading Yor. Ethalria then invaded Marislia. Axdel and Kuthernburg repelled Uspalria in Yor. Uspalria, unable to secure assets owned by the Republic of Ethalria, invaded Kostoria-Obertonia placed it under military occupation and coerced it to make loans and withdraw foreign reserves held in the ACB, for the Rivendale Pact war effort. Using Gemica as a launching point, the Rivendale Pact, led by Stratarin invaded and occupied Justelvard. Furthermore, Ethalria and Stratarin launched an attack from the south and north respectively into Marislia region.

With forces tied up in the Salizar Civil War and other areas in the world MBE was slow to respond, leaving Axdel and Kuthernburg to assist Kostoria-Obertonia and the Republic of Ethalria government in Yor. Motivated by a treaty of mutual defence, Tretrid assisted the Oan Isles in defeating Strataric naval forces operating from Gemica and occupied the islands. The Royal Armed Forces of the Empire was able to call for reinforcements from Salizar and from its bases in MBE. It defeated and repelled Ethalrian forces in Marislia and invaded northern Ethalria and marched to Rivendale, deposed Amalda Harimann and placed Ethalria under military occupation. RAFOTE took back Justelvard. Vistaraland repelled the Strataric Navy and pushed them back to their territorial waters. Facing imminent defeat Starikov declared defeat.

The war concluded with the Treaty of Sani Bursil which partitoned Ethalria into Faethalria, Kothalria, Vothetria and Thalria and Uspalria was partitioned into Yor, Sarentria and Durentrus, described the terms of surrender of Stratarin, the annexation of Gemica by the Oan Isles, the disbandment of the South-East Pacific Coalition, the relocation of the Auroran Central Bank to Tivot, and the suspension and eventual dissolution of the Auroran Continental Assembly.


Greater Ethalria refers to all of the territory of the Grand Matriarchy before 1975 which was ruled by the Matriarchy of Ethalria, the Republic of Ethalria and Great Morstaybishlia. Lower Ethalria refers to the part of the former territory of the Grand Matriarchy ruled by the Republic of Ethalria followed by the Empire of Uspalria. Upper Ethalria refers to the part of the former territory of the Grand Matriarchy of Ethalria ruled by the Matriarchy of Ethalria.

For brevity, the Matriarchy of Ethalria is referred to as Ethalria or the Matriarchy, the Grand Matriarchy of Ethalria is referred to as Greater Ethalria or Grand Matriarchy, the Republic of Ethalria is referred as the Republic or ROE and the Empire of Uspalria is referred to as Uspalria. Marislia refers to the region of Great Morstaybishlia which was acquired in 1975 from the Grand Matriarchy of Ethalria. The Ethalns refers to all the former territory of Uspalria and Ethalria (excluding Marislia).


File:Map of APW Belligerents.png
In red are the member states of the Rivendale Pact and in blue are the member states of the Bursil Alliance

The war was fought between the Bursil Alliance and Rivendale Pact. The Bursil Alliance refers to the allies of Great Morstaybishlia from Novaris and Aurora who fought on its side during the APW. The name Bursil Alliance comes from the name of the capital city of Great Morstaybishlia (Sani Bursil) and refers to the summit that they held in that city to discuss and agree upon a joint response to the Rivendale Pact. The Rivendale Pact consisted of the allies of Ethalria who fought in the war. It was named after a meeting held by Ethalria and its allies in the Ethalrian capital city, Rivendale. The Rivendale Pact preceded the formation of the Bursil Alliance.


The war was in part precipitated by the outcome and aftermath of the Auroran Imperial War (AIW) despite the fact that the Auroran-Pacific War took place over 40 years later. The Grand Matriarchy was defeated by Great Morstaybishlia and its allies at the end of the AIW. It was partitioned into the Matriarchy of Ethalria and Republic of Ethalria and Marislia was ceded to Great Morstaybishlia. The Matriarchy was regarded as the successor state of the Grand Matriarchy while the Republic was regarded as an entirely new state.

The Matriarchy was forced to pay out reparations and reform its military and government in ways that undermined its ability to project power. The Republic faced similar constraints. However, the Matriarchy remained politically and culturally Conservative while the Republic was progressive and liberal. Both were required to join continental institutions and organisations dominated by Great Morstaybishlia. Having gravitated towards Great Morstaybishlia, the Republic assimilated into the Morstaybishlian sphere of influence. However, the Matriarchy remained resistant. Furthermore, because the Republic was dominated by Humans, the Usprians were resistant to both ROE and MBE domination.

In the time that followed the AIW, Usprians rose in the ranks of the Republic government and became leading members of its military. Similarly, Ethalria became economically prosperous, and militarily strong. Its rising military and economic might made its political elites more confident and inspired ultranationalism in its people. At the same time, Stratarin, Gemica, and Kostromastan were struggling with political, strategic and economic constraints placed on them by Morst-aligned international systems and institutions.


General Erwina Pipenz, an Usprian female, was the Chief of the General Staff of the Republic of Ethalria Defence Force. She left the military to challenge Ositha Boracova in the 2016 presidential elections at the head of the National Renewal Party. She lost in the second round by 1%. She claimed that the election had been rigged and challenged the results in the Republic of Ethalria Supreme Court. The Supreme Court ruled that there was insufficient evidence to rule against the winner. As the leader of the opposition in the Republic of Ethalria Parliament, she called for Usprian ethnonationalist solidarity. In early 2017, the NRP and the ROE Defence Force led by Gen Erwina Pipenz attacked the capital, arrested senior government officials, suspended the police and other state institutions and declared a curfew over the nation.

Gen Erwina Pipenz announced that the Republic of Ethalria had been dissolved and that the Empire of Uspalria would take its place with the Uspalrian High Command as the new government and herself at the High Commander at the head. Some members of the ROE government such as Ositha Boracova evaded the arrests. Some members of the ROE Defence Forces did not defect to the Uspalrian government but remained loyal to the ROE. They tried to resist the Uspalrian government but it was clear that the ROE had lost, so it fled to Yor. The navy refused to join Uspalria and stuck with the ROE and enforced a blockade on Uspalria.

Nevertheless, Ethalria was the first country to recognise Uspalria. Erwina Pipenz undertook a diplomatic visit to Rivendale to forge strong relations with Ethalria. The Strataric Communist Party was divided between the faction led by Procurator-General Mikhail Starikov who supported Uspalria and the faction led by General Secretary Viktor Drugov who supported the ROE. Mikhail Starikov was the rising star of the party and looked set to become the next General Secretary at the 2018 National Elective Conference. Starikov called for a meeting of the Politburo to vote on the ROE vs Uspalria question for later that month.

MBE called a meeting of Auroran nations to discuss the coup d'état and civil war in the ROE. In a bid to stymie Starikov's ambitions and to thaw relations with MBE, Drugov attended and preempted the Politburo decision by declaring that Stratarin supported the ROE. This sent shock waves throughout the country. Starikov took the opportunity to seize power by having Colonel Demenok assassinate key members of the government include Chair of the Council of Ministers, Rurik Lukin. The assassination attempt on Drugov failed as it was intercepted by MBE authorities while he was still in their country. An extraordinary meeting of the Politburo was called which removed Drugov and recognised Starikov as the new General Secretary.

Ethalria convened a meeting in Rivendale with Stratarin, Kostromastan, Gemica and Uspalria and they agreed to form the Rivendale Pact, an economic, military and political organisation by signing the Treaty of Rivendale. The Sani Bursil Summit was dissolved without a clear path forward nevertheless MBE, The Oan Isles, Kuthernburg, Tretrid, Vistaraland and Axdel agreed to work towards restoring the ROE government, portending the later agreement that would give rise to Bursil Alliance.


Battle of Yor

The Uspalrian Armed Forces were ordered to bring Yor under Uspalrian control and destroy the ROE government operating there. Without naval forces of its own, Ethalria provided ships and sailors to break the blockade and carry Uspalrian troops to Yor. ROE Navy was starved for oil and was unable to moor at Yor because the port was not able to handle the load. Thus, the ROE navy was stranded at sea.

Axdel sent replenishment and medical vessels to assist the ROE Navy and treat any injured or ill sailors. Ethalria attacked the blockade and damaged several ships including the Axdelian ships. To the horror of the Axdelian people, Ethalria sunk the medical vessels which was carrying injured and sick soldiers to Indigo Island. President Diego Corbinn delivered an address at the Montakaan Citadel to the Axdelian people calling for Axdel to declare war on Ethalria and Uspalria. With public support for the war at 98%, lawmakers had little choice but to ratify the articles of the declaration of war. President Corbinn ordered the Axdelian Navy to repel the Ethalria Navy attempting to invade Yor.

The naval battle was brutal. Queen Naomi Truden II supported Axdel, declared war on Ethalria and ordered the Royal Kuthern Armed Forces stationed at the Redrugus Naval Base in then-South Staynes to join the fight. Despite a brutal naval battle, Axdelian and Kuthern forces were forced to retreat. Ethalria landed troops on Yor and placed the islands under military occupation.

Undeterred by the first defeat, Corbinn and Naomi Truden II committed more resources and troops to aiding the endangered ROE government. The ROE government was evacuated to Andel where they set up a base of operations and the ROE Navy retreated to Indigo Island. Axdel and Kuthernburg sent air strikes on Yor. Military installations were damaged. With the Uspalrian forces in Yor weakened, Axdel and Kuthernburg troops made land fall. They fought against the Uspalrian forces. Attempts to preserve critical infrastructure proved inadequate as the Uspalrian retreated from the islands burning everything in their wake. Nevertheless, Axdel and Kuthernburg placed Yor under military occupation and the ROE returned to the islands to resume reconstruction and rehabilitation efforts.

Battle of Kostoria-Obertonia

Because the ROE remained the internationally recognised government of Lower Ethalria, Uspalria was unable to access international loans and the foreign exchange and gold reserves held by the Auroran Central Bank that would be required to fund the war effort. Although Uspalria undertook wartime economics whereby resources were directed toward the war effort, it was insufficient.

Uspalria then decided to attack Kostoria-Obertonia and place it under military occupation. Kostoria-Obertonia was also attacked because the Rivendale Pact was afraid that Kostoria-Obertonia would provide the Bursil Alliance with a conduit from which to attack them from the south. Moreover, Kostoria-Obertonians spoke Ethalrian and belonged to the idea of the Greater Ethalria that was part of Uspalrian and Ethalrian political ideology. With these strategic, political and economic considerations, Uspalria attacked the country.

With Kuthernburg and Axdel fighting Uspalria in Yor, they were unable to aid Kostoria-Obertonia. Thus, Uspalria marched its forces into the country. The government of Kostoria-Obertonia (KO) remained in power but they were under the control of the Uspalrian occupiers. As planned, Uspalria extorted KO for its funds and used the country to defeat Axdel and Kuthernburg in Yor. Nevertheless, Uspalria failed to make any headway in Yor and was facing the prospect of an invasion of MBE, so they lost the strategic advantage that Yor occupied.

In the latter half of the APW, Uspalria was on the defensive as Axdelian and Kuthern forces used Yor to launch strikes into KO. KO was legally challenging for Axdel and KO due to the fact that its government remained in power and was nominally a member of the Bursil Alliance. Uspalria made a foolish move by forcing the KO government to switch allegiance from the Rivendale Pact to the Bursil Alliance. This provided the legal room to invade the country.

Axdelian and Kuthern Navies placed KO under a blockade and implemented a no-fly zone. They continued air strikes on strategic targets. Attempts by Uspalria to repel the Bursil forces proved weak as both it and Ethalria were forced to face an invasions from the MBE to the north. The Uspalrian High Command decided to abandon KO to focus their efforts on protecting their own nations from invasions to the north. They used the same scorched earth policies that they administered in Yor but to even worse effect. Uspalria allowed a nuclear energy facility in KO to superheat and meltdown. The facility exploded and leaked nuclear waste into the air, water and soil. This was the worst sapient rights disaster in the history of Aurora. It undermined domestic confidence in Uspalria and worsened international condemnation, drying up sources of funding, fuel, parts and food.

Axdel, Kuthernburg, MBE and the Oan Isles sent humanitarian aid and resources to contain and curb the spread of the radiation and evacuate people from the country. Millions fled to Uspalria, Ethalria, MBE and Axdel. MBE and Axdel undertook repatriation efforts to other nations such as The Oan Isles etc. Fearing for the lives of their soldiers, Axdel and Kuthernburg decided not to pursue an attack via Kostoria-Obertonia and instead coordinate with MBE to attack from the south while the attacked from the north.

Battle of Justelvard

Battle of Marislia

Battle of Ethalria

Battle of Uspalria


As Vistaraland, Tretrid and the Oan Isles were preparing to invade, Mikhail Starikov publicly announcemmd that Stratarin would surrender unconditionally. Ethalria and Uspalria were soon to fall but their governments refused to surrender until the end. Amalda Harimann, the Matriarch of Ethalria refused to surrender. Instead she left the Deputy Matriarch of Ethalria in charge. When the MBE marched into Rivendale and captured the entire Ethalrian government, the Deputy Matriarch was forced to surrender. Uspalria faced a similar defeat. MBE forces marched into Raufstreffen and forced Hggh Commander Erwina Pipenz to surrender. The President of Gemica, Rhodonite Aster, surrendered shortly after the fall of the other Rivendale Pact member states.

The First Treaty of Sani Bursil contained the terms that would be imposed on the Rivendale Pact member states. The Matriarchy of Ethalria was partitioned into 4 new countries: Faethalria, Kothalria, Vothetria and Thalria. Uspalria was partitioned into three member states: Sarentria, Yor and Durentrus. The Republic of Ethalria was dissolved. This immensely irritated the former government of ROE who expected that they would get their country back. As a compromise, the Republic of Sarentria became the successor government of the ROE and Ositha Boracova was appointed the first President. Durentrus was created as an ethnostate for Usprians to prevent ethnonationalistic tensions from giving rise to another civil war fought on ethnic lines from taking place in Lower Ethalria.

All the nations of the Ethalns had new constitutions written by the Bursil Alliance that their governments were forced to adopt. Stratarin avoided a change in its government or an occupation of its territory by agreeing to reparations, making its military smaller, surrendering its holdings in the Morstaybishlian Sea to MBE and those in the Pacific Ocean to Vistaraland, though the latter cession - outlined in the Verlateburg Declaration - was not formally acknowledge by Stratarin based upon the notion that it was a Diktat rather than an outlined part of the signed Treaty. Marislia and Justelvard were returned to the MBE.

The Diamond Authority that ruled Gemica was deposed and replaced as the government of Gemica by the Kohatu Liberation Movement. The KLM held a referendum whereby the citizens were asked whether they wanted to join the Oan Isles or remain independent. They voted to join the Oan Isles and were thus absorbed as an autonomous overseas territory. Kostoria-Obertonia was restored as an independent nation and the Ethalns were required to help that country rebuild and rehabilitate from the nuclear fallout. Trials were held whereby members of the governments of Gemica, Uspalria and Ethalria were out on trial for various war-related crimes.


The status of the Auroran Continental Assembly (ACA) remained in limbo as it had only been suspended. Emberwood Coast, Blueacia, Tivot, Tuvaltastan, Dragoniaand Oscrelia had remained neutral despite Great Morstaybishlia, The Oan Isles, Axdel, Kostromastan, Ethalria and the Republic of Ethalria being enemies.

The Oan Isles called for Bursil Alliance member states and the neutral states to formally secede from the ACA and establish the Auroran Union. The Oan Isles believed that the Former Rivendale Pact member states would always be dangerous and thus felt that it would be better to contain and exclude them. Other nations were sceptical of this approach and refused to join such as Dragonia, Oscrelia and Emberwood Coast. Tivot, Tuvaltastan and Blueacia agreed to join.

Emberwood Coast called for the Auroran Reunification Summit where they signed the Treaty of Aura, agreeing to form the United Nations of the Auroran Continent and put in place robust structures to prevent another continental war from happening again. The war heightened the relationship between Tretrid and Kuthernburg. The high degree of coordination between the two nations and fear of having similar challenges to Aurora that could give rise to a continental war led them to advocate for the creation of a union of their own. This cooperation would eventually lead to the formation of the League of Novaris.