Viktor Drugov

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Viktor Drugov
Viktor Drugov in 2019
Viktor Aleksandrovich Drugov

August 8, 1966
Mirovgrad, Stratarin
CitizenshipStrataric (1966-2017)
Stateless (2017-2019)
Morstaybishlian (2019-present)
Years active1989 - present
Known forFormer Leader of Stratarin
Height1.83 m (6 ft 0 in)
Political party(Formerly) Strataric Communist Party
PartnerUnnamed Personage of Interest (Sometime-Some other time)
ChildrenYekaterina Drugova

Viktor Drugov was the former Leader of Stratarin and the General Secretary of the Strataric Communist Party. After being removed from office by Mikhail Starikov at the start of the Auroran-Cerenerian War, he went into exile in Great Morstaybishlia, a decision voted by the parliament and given royal assent by Lambertus VII. It went against the order for his capture by his home country, and henceforth severed ties between Great Morstaybishlia and Stratarin.

During the heat of the ACW, Drugov was under close protection by the MIB. It was believed that the country was at risk of breach by a task force from Stratarin, which led to excessive border checks and tighter policies with incoming cargo and tourism. He immediately begun studying the Staynish language in Fort Bersius University, which he had some knowledge on before entering the country. He graduated in after completing a two term course in 2019. He passed his Morstaybishlian Citizen Test in March 2019 and is now a registered Morstaybishlian citizen living in Sani Bursil. He has stated on social media's site CafeNet that he plans to study Morstaybishlian politics later this year.

Early life and political career

Viktor Drugov's official portrait as the Premier of Stratarin

Viktor Aleksandrovich Drugov was born in Mirovgrad, Stratarin, to a farmer and a housemaid. He showed little interest in his education until watching communist propaganda on a cassette player at age 13, sparking his desire to enter the political field. He joined a youth club age 14, but before long turned into a hub for young communists.

Viktor Drugov enlisted in the Strataric military aged 21. He rose up the chain of command until his promotion to brigadier general. He backed the Communist Revolution in 2001, more specifically Ruslan Voronin and his policy, including the Five Year Plans. After a few years in office, Voronin began sending many politicians and co-conspirators who had helped his regime and rise to power to the gulags. Viktor Drugov, with help from other likeminded people including his old friend Rurik Lukin, began orchestrating a coup, stirring up deeply-buried resentment in the people and bribing politicians for aid or information. After several years of careful planning, Voronin was assassinated in 2007 with Drugov succeeding him as General Secretary and Premier. Already well-liked by the people of Stratarin, Drugov immediately ended the isolationist policy and, though he did not completely discontinue them, he improved the working conditions in the Gulags drastically. Furthermore, he appointed an entirely new assemblage of ministers from those who had helped his cause, perhaps most notably Rurik Lukin, and a rising star in the Strataric Military, Anatoly Baryshnikov. There were some institutions that he kept from his predecessor’s reign, such as the STP and the Five Year Plans.

During a visit to a summit in Sani Bursil, Drugov enlisted his power into Lukin. Starikov, at the time the Minister of Law Enforcement, had Lukin killed and assumed powers for himself. With the help of state media, he painted a bad image of Drugov and also revoked his citizenship. Drugov never returned to Stratarin despite his arrest warrant and exiled himself to Great Morstaybishlia, where he has since studied the language in Fort Bersius University, passed the Morstaybishlian Citizen Test and has claimed he is to begin studying a Morstaybishlian politics for either one or two terms in Sani Bursil this year.