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Empire of Uspalria

Uspalrisch Reich
Flag of Uspalria
Common languagesEthalrian
Demonym(s)Uspalrian, Ethalrian
GovernmentUsprian minoritarian one-party totalitarian military junta
High Commander 
• 2017
Erwina Pipenz
• Established
24 May 2017
• Disestablished
31 October 2017
• 2017
35.7 million
Today part ofThe Ethalns

Uspalria, often referred to as the Empire of Uspalria or Usprian Ethalria, was a short-lived transitional power in Central Aurora between May and October of 2017.

The Republic of Ethalria's military seized political power during the May 2017 coup against the presidency of Ositha Boracova. A time of state terrorism against civilians started, with the new dictatorship, under the command of Usprian High Commander Erwina Pipenz; cracked down on political opposition with its use of brute force, torture, extrajudicial murder and systematic forced disappearances. The coup was sponsored by leader of the Matriarchy of Ethalria Amalda Harimann. The young nation capitulated come the end of the Auroran-Pacific War, and was subsequently broken up by Great Morstaybishlia to form Sarentria and Drakaland.