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The Profound Estimable
Walter Johannes
Johannes running for a fifth term in the 2019 general election
23rd Prime Minister of Great Morstaybishlia
In office
4 May 2005 – 27 February 2019
MonarchLambertus VII
Preceded byVerlhanz Rothgerus
Succeeded byFranklin Barvata
Leader of the Principles
In office
7 September 2004 – 1 April 2019
Preceded bySamminel Herinshaw
Succeeded byBenjamin Wardola
Member of Parliament
for Monneharrigon
In office
Constituency created – 16 September 2020
Prime Minister8 June 1997
Preceded byposition established
Succeeded byRick Bowerman
Personal details
Walter Thadeus Johannes

(1971-04-23) 23 April 1971 (age 53)
Monneharrigon, Staynes, Great Morstaybishlia
Political partyPrinciples
SpouseLivia Neptentia (m. 1995)
ChildrenSamminel Johannes
ResidencePenton House
Alma materMonneharo Bridge University, Monneharo
AwardsMeremaa Medal
Military service
Branch/service Morstaybishlian Air Force
Years of service1990-1992
RankLeading aircraftman
Unit No. 341 Squadron MAF
Battles/warsBattle of Dalmaghar

Walter Thadeus Johannes (born 23 April 1971) is a Staynish former politician who served as the 24th Prime Minister of Great Morstaybishlia from 2005 to 2019 and Leader of the Principles from 2004 to 2019. Johannes has been the Chairman of the Auroran Stock Exchange since 2020. He was Member of Parliament (MP) for Monneharrigon from 1997 to 2020. Johannes identified as a liberal conservative, and is only the second prime minister in Morstaybishlian history to serve over ten years, alongside Ian Crowcasa.

Johannes was born in 1971 and raised in Monneharrigon. He attended Monneharo Bridge University before enlisting in the air force during the Meremaa Civil War. He would later graduate university and establish a successful financial holdings company, and in 1996 found employment as a specialist advisor to the Home Secretary Verhmar Feligon, and later as a specialist advisor to Prime Minister Arzhel Dillow. Johannes was a prolific critic of Rothgerus's handling of the State of Morstaybishlia and Morstaybishlian Succession War, something that would propel him into Podite leadership and then win him a landslide at the 2005 general election. His rhetoric and strong nationalist sentiment of unity is a contributing factor to his electoral success in a record four elections; 2005, 2012, 2014 and 2017. Between 2012 and 2014, Johannes formed a coalition government with Johnny von Hague's Farmers Union Party (FUP) after a hung parliament.

His premiership began with inheriting a near decade long recession that started in 1996. He was known for defeating the State of Morstaybishlia, his austerity measures which aimed at reducing the deficit in government finances, reforms in policing and crime in the Crime and Policing Act 2008, the Bishlan Tunnel, and creating TRIDENT. Johannes oversaw the Acts of Union 2016, which formally integrated Jusdelva as the fourth constituent country within Great Morstaybishlia, and defeated the fascist Matriarch Amalda Harimann and President Erwina Pipenz in the Auroran-Cerenerian War. Johannes dissolved the Republic of Ethalria and Matriarchy of Ethalria into the six successor states of the Ethalns, implementing various systems of governanance including the Kalmington System in four of them, and oversaw the Auroran Reunification Summit, which saw the creation of the UNAC, the successor of the ACA and Auroran Union.

Though his economic policies saw a decline in short-term GDP, saw life expectancy stop growing and even begin to fall in some parts of what is today Valeria, saw the carbon cuts and affordable housing targets missed, saw family disposable incomes fall, among many others; Johannes saw an unprecidented rise in employment, oversaw many geopolitical changes in Aurora and the world, and is widely seen as Aurora's most influential politician of the century so far.

Early life

Walter was born to mother Vanessa Hougstan and father Walter James Johannes. He lived and grew up in a middle class family in Monneharrigon. At around 8 he was in the Boy Scouts MBE. His parents moved to Firen, a town near Redrugus when he was 13 years old and Johannes transferred secondary schools from Dorhan Secondary School to Mottington Secondary School. Between the ages of 14 and 17 he took up gliding as a hobby and subsequently gained a flying license. Unlike many of his friends, Johannes chose not to take a gap year between secondary school and university, and began studying politics and international relations at Monneharo Bridge University.

Military career


A fit and able man, at the outbreak of the Meremaa Civil War he joined the Morstaybishlian Air Force. As he had already got his flying license Johannes was moved to advanced training on a Krest Hawk.

Battle of Dalmaghar

Johannes was transferred from MAF Venning to MAF Chirmstad in Dalmaghar. On 12 June 1991, Norgsveldet began an aerial bombardment of military targets in Dalmaghar, including docks, MAF Chirmstad and MAF Glasgore, and Imperial Navy vessels. In a squadron of Krest Tornados Johannes intercepted and personally downed two HK-22 Lynnslagets before landing with damage to his rear at MAF Chirmstad. In a new fighter, Johannes was apart of multiple squadrons scrambled to intercept a large wave of HK-22 Lynnslagets and other fighter aircraft who sought air superiority over the islands. He downed three more aircraft and became a flying ace alongside one other, squad-mate Ali Ager in the battle.

When Johannes was scrambled a third time at MAF Chirmstad, the airbase was attacked and heavily damaged by strafing runs and air-to-ground missile attacks. Shrapnel from a 20 mm (0.787 in) M61A1 Vulcan cannon pierced his leg in six places and his torso in three. Johannes was taken into the hospital wing of Glasgore Garrison, but his wounds did not heal adequately to continue and later was transferred home.

When he was home, Johannes was decorated as a war hero among friends and family. He attended panels for war veterans.

Political career

In 1992, Johannes resumed his university studies at Monneharo Bridge University. He graduated in 1996 with a Masters in politics and international relations. He moved into a one bedroom apartment in his home city of Monneharrigon and established a successful financial holdings company. Already a member of the Principles Party, he was appointed as a junior specialist advisor to the Secretary of State for the Home Department Verhmar Feligon. In 1997 he became a specialist advisor to Prime Minister Arzhel Dillow. In the run up to the 1998 general election, Johannes indicated he was running for the new Monneharrigon constituency and Arzhel Dillow commended him as "always modest, whom brings with him a coruscating sense of style and understanding". Johannes was elected to the House of Representatives.

Walter Johannes in 2006

Johannes beat his rival, Civic Freya Libden in the 1998 General Election with a 3/4 majority vote. He became Shadow Secretary of State for Morstaybishlia in 2000, Shadow Home Secretary in early 2001 and Chairman of the Principles in late 2001. He dropped Shadow Secretary of State in 2003 and Shadow Home Secretary in 2004. He became the Leader of the Principles after the retirement of Samminel Herinchaw. He went on to win the 2005 General Election in a landslide 476 seat victory, succeeding Progress Leader Verlhanz Rothgerus; and became the youngest person to hold the office Prime Minister ever (age 33), beating Orson Klarass (age 35) who had held the record for 87 years since the position was established. He went on to win the General Election, albeit losing 84 seats.

Meetings with Arran Samsey and Union with Jusdelva

See: Acts of Union of Great Morstaybishlia and Jusdelva'

Auroran-Cerenerian War

Johannes declared war on the Matriarchy of Ethalria on 31 May 2017 for the assassination of Prince Thadeus. His opinion polls were the highest in his time in office at this time, and Johannes successfully ended the fascist reign of Amalda Harimann, though he had faced backlash from political opponents such as Leader of the Opposition Franklin Barvata for his "use of soldiers like cannon fodder" and for destabilising the Ethalns. Though the war was successful, its rapid mobilisation and state of total war had left the economy in recession. Following the war, Johannes released the Five Year Post-War Plans and had promised the nation an era of internal development. A year later, Rodenia fell into civil war and Johannes broke several promises in the plans by getting involved, supporting the right-wing Kirk Santon over the socialist and communist revolutionaries. Johannes successfully ended the war and Santon was appointed as Protector of the Realm. Johannes supported Santon through establishing a provisional government. At the same time, Johannes campaigned across the MBE for the 2019 General Election to be elected for an unheard of fifth term, though with a dampened opinion poll and his political opponent Barvata faring better in the polls, The Principles eventually lost the election by 250 seats. Johannes stated that it was "A dream of mine to become the first Prime Minister elected for a fifth term; and had that been successful the first person to serve the office for potentially 20 years".