Morstaybishlian Sea

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Morstaybishlian Sea
Coordinates(Center) 16 S 110 E
Surface area7,676,652.6 km2 (2,963,972.1 sq mi)
Average depth3,692 m (12,113 ft)
Max. depth8,392 m (27,533 ft)
Water volume28,342,201,608.9 km3 (6.7996557722×109 cu mi)
Shore lengthUnknown

The Morstaybishlian Sea, often shortened to the Morst Sea, is one of the busiest water ways in the world. Three of the biggest economies in Aurora region rely on it and one of the biggest economies in Yasteria relies on it. Some of the biggest and busiest cities in the area rely on this sea, including Sani Bursil, Tarov, Rouanezkador, Fort Jubrayn, Aurus, Port Makuh and Port of the Rock, handling cargo headed from or to Yasteria, Gondwana, Arcturia and Aurora.

It was the setting of the Trans-Caven Slave Trade in the 17th Century A.D. The Konoan tribe, the Wayanatunu sold Oan slaves to the Morstaybishlians, a trade that formed part of the War for Konoa and ended in 1900. It also served as the waterway used to facilitate the Puntalian Slave Trade that occured in the 13th and 14th centuries by Salovia.

The sea was named after the Morstaybishlian Empire, whose sovereign state is Great Morstaybishlia. It is the most influential sovereign state that inhabits the land around the sea.