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Map of Aurora (No border overlay)
Area16.3 million km2
Populationapprox. 1.1 billion
Population density67.48 ppl/km2
GDP per capitaapprox. $35.2 trillion
ReligionsThaerism, Verk'ohism, Paxism, Ademarism
Largest citiesSani Bursil, Aura, Tarov, Damezkador, Shagonar

Aurora, sometimes Uspria is a continent in the Southern and Eastern hemispheres, located south of Cereneria, east of Arcturia, and north of Sempiterna. Its main bodies consist of mainland Aurora, the Dragonian Archipelago, the islands of Bai Lung, and various other offshore continental islands. Aurora is bordered entirely by bodies of water, with the Morstaybishlian Sea to the north, the Packilvanian Ocean to the northwest, the Kormistazic Sea to the southwest, the Sempiternic Ocean and Azure Sea to the south, and the Cerenerian Ocean to the east.

It is the fourth largest continent by landmass at approximately 16,300,000 square kilometers. Politically, the continent is divided amongst 26 sovereign countries, the largest of which by land area, GDP, and population being Great Morstaybishlia, encompassing around 35% of the total landmass, 41% of population, and 39% of GDP. As of 2021, Aurora had a total population of approximately 1.1 billion individuals. The climate of Aurora is incredibly diverse, ranging from oceanic and temperate climates in the central and western regions, subtropical savannah in the northern coast, mediterranean to the south, and desert climates in the east.

Sapient life has been present on Aurora in some form or other for millions of years, with evidence of the endemic Cava species dating back to approximately 2 million years ago. Outside of the cava, the two other prominent species on Aurora are the human and elven populations, both species having migrated from Yasteria, humans approximately 1.8 million years ago and elves 200 Kya. In the modern day, the makeup of Aurora is largely human, however significant minorities of elven, vulpine, and cava populations are widespread throughout the continent. The culture of Aurora can be divided into five primary spheres: Axdelian, Morstaybishlian, Ethalrian, Salovian, and Codexian, all of which intermingled to produce a unifying theme of Auroran primacy during much of the continent's history, such an ideology driving bouts of colonialism starting as early as the 1100's and 1200's into nearby Arcturia. Centuries of rivalry amongst the three largest Auroran nations (Great Morstaybishlia, Ethalria, and Salovia) eventually culminated in the start of the Great War, the largest and deadliest conflict in world history. The period immediately following the Great War saw the beginning of the Auroran Space Race and Auroran Cold War, which again sparked into conflict through the Auroran Imperial War (AIW), the deadliest conflict exclusively on the continent to date, the war ending with the use of the Kevatuul orbital nuclear weapon. Due to the sheer deadliness of the AIW, a desire to prevent further war arose among the Auroran public, resulting in the creation of the Auroran Continental Assembly, a now-defunct organization that, with the end of the Auroran-Cerenerian War, would form into the United Nations of the Auroran Continent. As of 2022 there are 26 sovereign states on Aurora, 22 of which have joined the United Nations of the Auroran Continent.

Climate Map of Aurora

List of sovereign countries

Country Area (km2) Area (mi2) Population GDP (♅Bn) GDP per capita (♅) Capital city Official language
Axdel 2,397,347 925,620.38 125,985,309 4,131 32,790 Andel Axdelian
Asilica 164,704 63,592.56 14,504,299 595 41,022 Asilica Asilican, Ethalrian, Staynish
Biramura 146,650 56,620 3,536,137 TBD TBD Chita Salovian, Staynish
Blueacia TBD TBD 88,573 15 172,879 Labia Cue Blueacian
Dragonia 1,054,215 407,034.48 19,507,200 784 40,236 Weyrcliff Dragonian
File:Drakaland flag.pngDrakaland 686,548 265,077.54 12,560,142 342 27,250 Raustreffen Ethalrian, Staynish
Emberwood Coast 46,497 17,952.43 64,785,000 3,665 56,574 Aura Staynish
Faethalria 480,966 185,701.92 47,781,657 1,046 21,906 Ribenstadt Ethalrian, Staynish
Great Morstaybishlia 5,936,422 2,292,064.60 479,569,512 16,600 34,614 Sani Bursil Staynish, Kaltareg, Jusdelvic
K'undzeti 2,517.46 971.97 2,418,712 19.7 8,145 Akhalip'ort'isi Salovian, Vistarian, Zetian
Nilovia 147,385 56,905.69 13,061,332 54.032 3,752 Noril'sk Salovian
Nolova 17,249 6,659.93 3,488,433 100.651 28,853 Nolov Salovian, Staynish, Ethalrian
North Ethalria 753,154 290,794 65,000,051 1,439 22,150 Karinthus Ethalrian, Staynish
The Oan Isles 103,171 39,834 18,625,000 788.768 42,350 Tokapa Oan
Oceansend 16,881 6,517.92 37,800 5.2 143,492 Oceansend Salovian, Staynish
Oscrelia 693,264 267,670.51 70,000,000 1,600 22,857 Culoria Salovian, Staynish
Rosalica 66,416 25,643.19 5,532,041 185 33,500 Rosalica City Rosalican, Staynish, Ethalrian
Sarentria 393,750 152,027.64 26,530,405 524 19,752 Anzrelstätt Ethalrian
Stratarin 106,646 41,176 64,567,000 873.005 13,521 Coyden Strataric
Thalria 245,547 94,806.09 13,050,000 131.4 9,320 Rorikton Ethalrian
Tivot 29,254 11,294.95 18,693,000 605 32,382 Tarov Salovian, Staynish
Tuvaltastan 881,895 340,501.27 25,377,213 682 26,875 Akhalibisi Salovian, Staynish
Valerica 223,465 86,280 17,000,000 595 35,000 Baecca Valeric
Volova 387,878 149,760 9,906,707 82 8,306 Novugdidi Salovian
Yor Isles 2,207 852.08 2,775,200 50 18,017 Dorchester York, Staynish