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Republic of Kostoria-Obertonia

Republik Katluninerako-Obertonische
Flag of Kostoria-Obertonia
Common languagesKoreitan
GovernmentParliamentary republic
• 1917 - 1921 (first)
Karl Verbusch
• 2019 (last)
Alexander Vendel
• Established
10 December 1917
• Disestablished
4 September 2019
• 2019
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Today part ofThe Ethalns

Kostoria-Obertonia was a parliamentary republic on the south coast of Aurora. Kostoria-Obertonia neighboured Sarentria to the west and north, Faethalria to the north east and Tuvaltastan to the east. It had a population of 24.9 million in 2016.

The nation Split from Ethalria in the waning years of the Great War, when The Ethalrian Grand Matriarchy was facing economic exhaustion from a decade of wartime production and subsequent social fracture due to the death toll stressing the nations traditional gender roles. The region was historically liberal, with much of the populace rejecting the matriarchal norms common in the rest of the country. This cultural divide combined with economic and military downturn led to a violent secessionist revolution in 1916. In response, the Matriarch ordered the navy and air force to bombard revolting cities, though this quickly caused unrest amongst serving members of the armed forces, many of which came from the cities they were ordered to attack. The Matriarch thus submitted to negotiations with the secessionist forces which by late 1917 led to the establishment of the Republic of Kostoria-Obertonia.

During the course Auroran Imperial War the nation faced almost total occupation by Ethalria. Resistance to the invasion was heavily impeded by a significant number of pro-Ethalrian partisan militias who cooperated with and fought alongside the invading forces. Post-war the nations independence was written into the Weyrcliff Pact, causing a period of pro-Ethalrian civil unrest.

Kostoria-Obertonia gained its independence from the Ethalrian Empire after the Great War in December 1917. In 2019, the ex-President Karl Strasser was shot on live television by Alexander Vendel who staged a successful coup d'etat in 2019. The UNAC intervened, and a coalition force led by Faethalria and Vothetria restored its government, but later was incorporated into Faethalria.