Amalda Harimann

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Amalda Harimann
Harimann in 2014
Matriarch of Ethalria
In office
30 May 2008 – 24 Oct 2017
Preceded byDelores Sofura
Succeeded byPosition abolished
Vice Matriarch
In office
1 November 2006 – 30 May 2008
Preceded byClaudine Rothmann
Succeeded byMia Winnigar
Member of the High Council of Biramura
In office
July 2018 – 20 August 2019
Personal details
Amalda Harimann

28 January 1967
Rerikdale, Ethalria (Grand Matriarchy)
Died20 August 2019(2019-08-20) (aged 52)
Phoenix House, Ohmnervel, Vothetria
SpouseBill Jensor m.1991-1996

Amalda Harimann (28 January 1967 - 20 August 2019) was the last Matriarch of Ethalria (Matriarchy) from 2008 until 2017; a total of 9 years, 4 months, 24 days. At the conclusion of the Auroran-Pacific War, she was forced into exile over Gondwana before later returning to Aurora as she served in the Biramuran High Council to Lady Posol in total secrecy. This was revealed when she was shot and killed in the Phoenix House Gunfight.

Harimann was a huge fan of the Sofura regime and after time serving advisory roles to Secretaries of her government, Harimann became Sofura's final Vice Matriarch. When Sofura died in 2008, Harimann was her natural successor.

Early life

Growing up, Amalda was a novelist, whilst under her pen name Anne Hutmacher, she made a fortune, writing the best selling Ethalrian novel of 1986. She entered politics in her early twenties, with a key hatred towards the Xagrurgian government. With the fascist ideologies she put to the table, she made a name for herself, sparking the fading interests of Ethalrian nationalists and veterans of the Auroran Imperial War. This eventually led to her underlying effectiveness and, ultimately quickening her footsteps towards the most prestigious Ethalrian office, the Grand Matriarch. In 2008, she was appointed the title, retaining the strategical interests of most Ethalrian citizens and being re-elected in 2014. She was forcibly removed from office in October 2017 at the conclusion of the Auroran-Pacific War.

Auroran-Pacific War

It is widely known that Amalda Harimann perpetrated the war through the assassination of Crown Prince Thadeus in June 2017. De-classified documents that were left in her Ribenstadt bunker found scripts from meetings with Strataric and Ethalrian Empire leadership as far back as the beginning of 2017.

Harimann had a second and third assassination plot against the prime ministership of Great Morstaybishlia, at the time Walter Johannes; and King Lambertus VII, who had been the original target in the royal motorcade on 7th July 2017. Both assassination attempts were foiled by the MIB before they came to fruition.

Harimann invaded Caltharus from as early as 10th July. Apart of her invasion plan banked on a surprise Strataric coastal invasion into Aurus and Laulia Provinces, but this failed as the Strataric fleet was met by navies from the Oan Isles and MWPT, starting the Pacific Theatre. Harimann pushed for Sani Bursil, believing that seizing the capital would win her the war. She knew that this feat was not accomplished by the Grand Matriarchy in the Auroran Imperial War.

When her invasion plans began to falter with the loss of Stratarin and later the Ethalrian Empire as allies, Harimann's plan collapsed. The Allies, led by Morstaybishlia, quickly pushed her forces back from four sides. For three years Harimann's body was not found in the bombings of Ribenstadt as witness account had told her last known whereabouts were within the city.

Post war

On the last day of her reign, Harimann escaped through a vast network of underground tunnel systems connecting her bunker outside of the city and slipped past numerous armed forces patrols. She flew to Gondwana where she quickly fell off the radar. On two occasions Harimann was seen on CCTV cameras where she was living in hiding on the streets.

From an unknown reason Harimann ventured back to Aurora where she was under service of Lady Posol of Biramura, though its speculated her return was involuntary. She was disguised from media services because of the Biramuran elitist mask-wearing culture. Harimann attended a meeting at Phoenix House, though most attendees did not know she was present because of her mask disguise. She was caught in the crossfire of the Phoenix House Gunfight where she was fatally shot and killed. Harimann's body was taken to her hometown of Rerikdale where it was buried.