South-East Pacific Coalition

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South-East Pacific Coalition
Flag of South-East Pacific Coalition
• Established
December 11, 2016
May 31, 2017
• Dissolution

The South-East Pacific Coalition, or SEPC, was an intergovernmental military alliance between several nations throughout Urth.

Over the course of its existence, it grew from its original three members to around eight nations, and came to be one of the dominant forces on the world stage. However, as a result the increasing tensions in Aurora, as well as Mikhail Starikov's coup in Stratarin, the SEPC fractured and became largely defunct in the ensuing Auroran-Pacific War.


Rising Tensions with the Fire Pact

The Four Days' War

Main article: Four Days War

These tensions came to a head on December 11, when the SEPC and the FPA declared war on each other. The conflict that resulted would be the Four Days War.

After Tretrid attempted to disable the FPA's orbital weapons platform, the Eternal Wrath, with an anti-sattelite weapon, the Eternal Wrath fired upon and destroyed the SEPC's station, Myriad Station, in retaliation. The debris resulting from these actions led to an ablation cascade, making the space around Urth largely useless due to debris.

As a result, major powers like the Veridian Union threatened sanctions on all the participants in the Four Days War unless peace talks happened. The result of these talks was the Treaty of Aura, which stipulated that each belligerent pay war reparations and help clean up space.

Auroran-Pacfific War