Royal Kuthern Armed Forces

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Royal Kuthern Armed Forces
Emblem of the RKAF
Service branchesRoyal Kuthern Army
Royal Kuthern Navy
Royal Kuthern Air Force
Royal Kuthern Marines
Royal Kuthern Coast Guard
Royal Kuthern National Guard
HeadquartersLuthernburg, Luthernburg, Kuthernburg
Commander-in-ChiefQueen Naomi II
Secretary of State for DefenceDetjya Putin
Military age17
ConscriptionRequired by law, but never enforced.
Active personnel720,000
Reserve personnel2.2 Million
Budget♅87.2 Billion
Percent of GDP2.5%

The Kuthern Armed Forces are the military forces of the Kingdom of Kuthernburg. The Kuthern Armed Forces are a modern military force charged with defending the Kingdom's integrity and sovereignty. They consist of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines ,National Guard, and Coast Guard. The Queen is the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces. The current Chief of the Defence Staff is General Yugllsa Futineda The Kuthern Armed Forces are active members of AA, the Commonwealths military alliance, the Auroran Battle group and also provide peace keeping troops to the PKFU.


Kuthernburg participated along with the allies (Furnifold, Adumara, The Oan Isles)in the offensive against Al-Jaheed in Latianburg.

With the arrival of democracy and the direct contact with democratic nations, the progressive introduction of Kuthernburg in the international matters, the professionalization of the Armed Forces and the economic efforts have made Kuthern Armed Forces one of the most prepared.

Current missions On June 2020, 211,000 soldiers of the Kuthern Armed Forces and the Civil Guard are part of the nineteen operations where Kuthernburg has an active role.

According to the National Security Department of Kuthernburg (DSN), these are the current missions of the armed forces and civil guard:

Operation Novarian Freedom (2020–present): Royal 7th Fleet Deployed to the Gulf of Karolingia.

Operation Bulldog (2019–present): NSTO military presence off the coast of Atiland to act against piracy.

•KMIA Aurora (2017–present): Mission to combat piracy in the Antarctic Ocean. 338 deployed military.

•KMIA SWP (2015–present): Mission to combat trafficking in human beings and prevention of loss of life in the Southwest Pacific Ocean . 261 deployed military personnel.

Missions with Commonwealths •Operation Sea Guardian (2016–present): Mission to fight against terrorism in Atiland. 119 military deployed.

•KNMG / ANMG / NNMG: Commonwealths first-responder permanent naval units. 251 deployed military personnel.

•Atiland Air Policing (2009–present): Mission to protect the airspace of Atiland, Latianburg and Nacata. 128 deployed military personnel.

The Kuthern Armed Forces also participated in the last few years in other missions, above all the cost of these missions abroad amounts to approximately 800 million Kurtens per year.


The Kuthern armed forces are a professional force with a strength in 2017 of active personnel and reserve personnel. The country also has the 89,000 National Guard which comes under the control of the Ministry of Defence in times of a national emergency. The KFA defence budget is 69 billion SHD 1% increase for 2015. The increase comes because of security concerns in the country.


The Kuthern army consists of 25 active brigades and 10 military regions. Modern infantry have diverse capabilities and this is reflected in the varied roles assigned to them. There are four operational roles that infantry battalions can fulfil: air assault, armoured infantry, mechanised infantry, and light role infantry. The Kuthern army has the latest technology at its disposal to preserve the territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Kuthernburg.


Under the command of the Kuthern Chief of Naval Staff, stationed in Luthernburg, are four area commands:

•The North Concordian Maritime Zone with its headquarters at Luthernburg Naval Base on the Concordian coast

•Dova Channel Maritime Zone with its headquarters at Chiopoli Near Dova Channel

•Salish Sea Maritime Zone with its headquarters at Boldem Naval Base

•Kuthern Gronmund Port Maritime Zone with its headquarters at Misheish AfB.

The current flagship of the Kuthern Navy is the amphibious assault Ship Queen Naomi I & II which is also used as an aircraft carrier. In addition, the fleet consists of: 2 amphibious transport docks, 14 frigates, 10 submarines, 16 mine countermeasure vessels, 38 patrol vessels, 6 Destroyers,19 auxiliary ships, as well as 60 Harriers, 30 Rafle M and 40 SH-60 Seahawks .


The Marines, in Kuthern, Infanteria de Marina, are the marine infantry of the Kuthern Navy.It has a strength of 60,000 troops divided into base defense forces and landing forces. One of the three base defense battalions is stationed with each of the Navy headquarters. "Groups" (midway between battalions and regiments) are stationed in Luthernburg and Grunmond Port. Its principal weapons include light tanks, armored personnel vehicles, self-propelled artillery, and TOW and Dragon antitank missiles.

Air Force

Kuthernburg currently has 24 fighter squadrons, each with 18-24 airplanes. The air force also has 15 operational air bases around the country. The air force operates a wide-ranging fleet of aircraft, from fighters to transport aircraft and passenger transports to helicopters. It maintains some 800 aircraft in total, of which around 380 are fighter aircraft, including a number of Typhoons. The Kuthern Air Force is replacing older aircraft in the inventory with newer ones including the recently Introduce Typhoon and the Airtrain A400M airlifter. Both are manufactured with Kuthern participation; EADS CASA makes the typhoon right wing and leading edge slats,and participates in the testing and assembly of the airlifter.Its aerobatic display team is the blue lightening, which flies the Mirage 2000s.Its helicopter display team, Dreadnaught, flies the AH-64 & AH-1 .

Militia Corps

The Militia Corps are four corps that provide professional services to all the branches of the Armed Forces and the Civil Guard. The Common Corps where created in the 1980s to unify the specialist corps of the different branches for operational reasons. The Militia Corps are:

Military Legal Corps Military Comptroller Corps Military Health Corps Military Music Corps

Royal Guard

The Royal Guard (Guardia Real) is an independent unit of the Kuthern Armed Forces whose primary task is the military protection of the Queen of Kuthernburg and the Kuthern Royal Family. It also protects visiting Heads of State.

The Royal Guard's history dates back to the 1500s the Corps of Gentlemen of the Chamber.

It currently has a strength of 1,900 troops, constituting a fully functional combat unit drawn from the ranks of all the branches of the Kuthern Armed Forces: among others, a Royal Marines company, a Paratroop company and an infantry company. Some units have served recently in Latianburg and Yor.

Military Emergencies Unit

UME Mobile Command Station.

The Military Emergencies Unit is the most recently instituted branch of the Kuthern Armed Forces, resulting from a decision of the Council of Ministers of Kuthernburg in 2005.

It is responsible for providing disaster relief principally throughout UKK but also if necessary abroad. The activities including handling natural hazards such as floods and earthquakes, forest fires, chemical and nuclear accidents, and other emergy situations recognized as such by the Prime Minister of Kuthernburg.


List Of Kuthern Military Bases